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One Ocean Diving: What its similar to Swim amongst Sharks inward Hawaii

Molly Mathiesen wears the Hermosa Surf Suit to dive amongst sharks in addition to One Ocean Diving inward Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Juan Oliphant, One Ocean Diving.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 surfer’s outset reaction to seeing a shark is to paddle every bit fast every bit yous tin away from it. But Mollie Mathiesen from Carlsbad, CA wanted to swim closer to these fascinating, terrifying in addition to misunderstood creatures inward the sea. That curiosity led her to discover One Ocean Diving's co-owner Ocean Ramsey (yes, that is her nativity name) aka "the shark whisperer," who leads shark encounter tours off the coast of Oahu.

With aspirations to written report marine biological scientific discipline in addition to marine conservation inward college, Mollie became fast friends amongst Ocean afterwards her outset dive spell visiting Hawaii on vacation. Since then, she has hopped on their boat for countless dives in addition to plans to brand the underwater basis her instant domicile every bit an intern side yesteryear side summer.

The sharks that Mollie typically encountered inward Hawaii were Galápagos sharks in addition to Sand Bar sharks (not the Great Whites from Jaws), in addition to her experience helped unravel mutual misconceptions almost sharks every bit unsafe villains hunting us for food. We caught upward amongst her to gain to a greater extent than insight into these mysterious ancient beings.

What is One Ocean Diving’s mission?

Mollie Mathiesen: Society has talked thence depression on sharks for years in addition to made people thence afraid of them merely from a dyad shark attacks. One Ocean Diving's mission is to alter that perspective that people receive got in addition to for them to sympathise the importance that sharks receive got inward our ecosystem.

Sharks don't assail because they desire to wound people, it's all a huge misunderstanding. Every fourth dimension nosotros pace into the body of body of water nosotros are inward marine life's territory, it's domicile to thousands of animals in addition to nosotros should observe that. Everyone working amongst One Ocean Diving wants monastic enjoin to await at sharks the agency nosotros do: every bit magnificent, beautiful creatures that receive got every correct to swim freely every bit nosotros do. Millions of sharks are beingness killed every solar daytime either for shark fin soup or merely for sport thence they require our assist to speak upward in addition to assist them.

Molly Mathiesen wears the Hermosa Surf Suit to dive amongst sharks in addition to One Ocean Diving inward Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Juan Oliphant, One Ocean Diving.

While working amongst Ocean in addition to Juan to receive got guests out on tours, what were some myths in addition to misunderstandings that yous learned that guests receive got almost sharks?

Mollie Mathiesen: Not alone amidst the guests but most everyone I beak to know petty to zilch almost sharks other than they are "monsters" in addition to "attack people" when inward fact they ane of the most of import contributors inward our ecosystem. What most people don't know is that most of the nutrient nosotros eat, the goods nosotros get, in addition to the oxygen nosotros breathe comes from the ocean, thence the to a greater extent than sharks nosotros receive got the healthier the reefs are that give us most of the things nosotros require to survive. As most everyone knows inward nature at that topographic point are nutrient chains in addition to if yous receive got out ane of those living things in addition to then the whole chain comes crashing down, good that doesn’t alter for marine life.

Sharks receive got stronger in addition to to a greater extent than senses than humans do. One average human has 5 senses but sharks receive got ii to a greater extent than incredible senses. Sharks experience all noise inside every living affair to live able to uncovering where prey is, this is called Lateral Line symmetry. When swimmers or surfers are splashing or causing a lot of displace inward the H2O this triggers a shark’s sensitivity to vibrations, making it intend that it is "injured prey." This is the principal argue why sharks attack, non because they desire to on seize amongst teeth a human on purpose.

Most people receive got heard punch a shark inward the olfactory organ if it gets also close. That’s because it’s the middle of all their nerves called ampullae. They receive got thousands of modest petty pores to sense prey in addition to uncovering a way to migrate. Out of thousands of fish traveling inward a school, a shark tin uncovering that ane fish that is injured or carrying a disease. They sense that every bit slow prey in addition to become afterwards that ane fish preventing the spread of diseases to coral reefs in addition to other marine life. The decrease of sharks leads to the increase of diseases which causes other marine life to die, every bit good every bit coral reefs in addition to other marine plants.

What types of sharks produce yous encounter?

Mollie Mathiesen: While diving nosotros run across mainly Gal├ípagos sharks in addition to Sand Bar sharks. Every ane time inward a spell a lucky tiger volition come upward around in addition to that's thence special. At One Ocean Diving it's thence of import to receive got a human relationship amongst the sharks thence Juan in addition to Ocean volition produce some tagging in addition to tracking particularly on the wound or wounded ones merely to consider how they are doing. They also similar to holler the sharks they tag. For example, Roxy the tiger shark has a damaged jaw in addition to Miss Aloha is a Galapagos shark they rescued from a angling business wrapped around her gills.

Molly Mathiesen wears the Hermosa Surf Suit to dive amongst sharks in addition to One Ocean Diving inward Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Juan Oliphant, One Ocean Diving.
How is this experience dissimilar from the shark cage experience?

Mollie Mathiesen: I receive got done both cage diving in addition to complimentary diving amongst these kinds of sharks in addition to the experience is thence eye-opening. This yesteryear summertime nosotros took some of my menage unit of measurement out diving in addition to my brother, Taylor Mathiesen, made a memorable comment that he idea the sharks were to a greater extent than aggressive spell diving inward the cage, almost similar they didn't similar it.

Being oculus to oculus inside touching distance changes your perspective on these incredible creatures. Their actions are thence predictable that I experience safer diving amongst them in addition to then I produce walking yesteryear myself inward an unfamiliar area. Being out inward the warm body of body of water seeing zilch but clear bluish for miles in addition to having sharks swimming all around has no words to depict the feeling.

Has at that topographic point ever been a negative experience on the boat?

Mollie Mathiesen: Juan in addition to Ocean actually brand certain that everyone is 100% prophylactic spell diving. If anything bad were to compass betwixt a shark in addition to human One Ocean Diving would non live a companionship anymore. Ocean has spent years in addition to years studying the beauty of these creatures in addition to each of their behaviors thence each fourth dimension her or Juan puts anyone inward the body of body of water amongst upward to xv sharks they know that everyone volition live completely prophylactic in addition to zilch amongst happen.

How has this experience changed your perception, didactics in addition to feelings towards sharks? How receive got yous seen it alter other people’s feelings almost sharks?

Mollie Mathiesen: The experience to dive amongst sharks in addition to operate amongst One Ocean Diving to brand a divergence is what I've e'er wanted since I could swim. I wake upward every solar daytime wanting to become dive in addition to become to bed planning on how to spread to a greater extent than give-and-take of their importance. I receive got learned to a greater extent than than I could ever imagine from Juan in addition to Ocean. The to a greater extent than yous know almost sharks in addition to fifty-fifty anything inward the ocean, the less scary they appear.

I got the amazing experience to receive got my iv best friends out diving spell vacationing inward Oahu this summer. They receive got constantly heard me going on in addition to on almost how of import sharks are in addition to how amazing it is to live swimming freely inward their body of body of water amongst them thence they were excited to consider for themselves what I was actually talking about. Being amongst them they said changed their perspective. Yeah, hearing facts almost them made it less scary, but beingness underwater seeing it inward somebody made the fearfulness become away. At One Ocean Diving that is merely how nosotros desire everyone to feel.

Thank yous Mollie! Go to One Ocean Diving's website to mass a dive, or view their Instagram.