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Surf or SUP: Where Karson Lewis Finds Fun inwards the Waters of Wrightsville Beach

Karson Lewis surfs inward North Carolina, wearing the Leucadia Bikini inward Marble. Photo yesteryear Kevin Mitchell @seaturkeyphotos. 

To Californians’ cruisey shout out for breaks in addition to endless sunshine, surfers on the due east coast who bargain amongst freezing barrels inward the Outer Banks, in addition to humid summers of windchop experience similar a unusual breed of diehard shredders. But later on catching upwards amongst Karson Lewis, a surfer in addition to yogi inward Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina nosotros flora the reasons why nosotros surf connected due west in addition to due east coasts inward the same ways deeper than the type of waves or boards nosotros ride.

"Everyone hither shares the same vibe in addition to that vibe centers on a deeply rooted honey for the water," Karson says of her dwelling theatre inward North Carolina. "Whether yous surf, kite, spear, boat, windsurf, wakeboard, or whatever of the other endless activities you tin create on the H2O everyone feels the same energy."

We caught upwards amongst Karson to larn her perspective on surfing inward the unopen community of Wrightsville Beach, her favorite slowly getaways for weekend trips, in addition to what to create when the waves are flat.
Karson Lewis surfs yesteryear the pier inward the Leucadia Bikini inward Marble. Photo yesteryear Kevin Mitchell @seaturkeyphotos.

Karson Lewis wears the Tofino One-Piece inward Blue Tide. Photo yesteryear Carleigh Sion @carleighflower

Karson Lewis wears the Lido One-Piece inward Roma. Photo yesteryear Blair Bigham @blair.bigham

Karson Lewis wears the Zuma One-Piece inward Paradiso. Photo yesteryear Carleigh Sion.

What's your daily surf routine? 

Karson: I walk downward the street to the beach every morn to scout the sunrise in addition to depository fiscal establishment check the waves. If it's good, I grab my board, throw on my fave onesie in addition to paddle out. I'll base of operations my whole weekly schedule or then the surf study in addition to am ever switching function shifts if the waves are good.

My favorite fourth dimension to paddle out is correct earlier the Sun rises. There's simply something then invigorating virtually surfing golden hr amongst no i else out. You experience i amongst the ocean, taking each moving ridge every bit it comes trying to gibe its beauty amongst how yous ride it. I ever experience a fleck to a greater extent than graceful in addition to create to tackle whatever trace at manus later on having ridden a few waves! Surfing is my pump in addition to soul.

I instruct surf lessons for Sean's Private Surf Instruction. Such a rad companionship to function for in addition to I'm beyond stoked to convey the chance to part what I honey doing most amongst others.

What else create yous similar to create when the waves are flat? 

Take a paddleboard out at Wrightsville SUP to cruise or then the audio side or anchor in addition to create a petty SUP yoga, ride my bicycle or then the island, locomote to hot yoga at Wilmington Yoga Center, sunrise/sunset photograph sessions, basically anything in addition to everything that involves beingness active in addition to staying outdoors!

Are at that spot a lot of women surfers inward Wrightsville Beach? 

I mean value it's definitely rubber to laissez passer on a theatre no here! I convey virtually iv chicas that I'll telephone vociferation upwards up to locomote log but other than that the trace upwards is definitely manlike someone predominant.

I ever larn actually stoked when I convey a surf lesson amongst a woman someone because I know I'm doing my business office inward adding to the gurfer [girl surfer] population.

Karson Lewis goes for a cruise to the beach inward the Chicama Top. Photo yesteryear Carleigh Sion.
Karson Lewis, all tangled upwards inward North Carolina. Photo yesteryear Blair Bigham.  
When its flat, SUP or yoga on an SUP. Karson Lewis wears the Lido One-Piece inward Gold Leaf. 

Life is all virtually balance. Mixing upwards her surf routine amongst yoga, Karson Lewis wears the Calafia Leggings. 

Are at that spot a lot of longboarders inward Wrightsville Beach? 

There are a few longboarders hither in addition to there, but for the most business office yous meet performance shortboarding attempting to locomote downward on shin high waves. The WBLA (Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association) is the principal logging association inward our expanse in addition to they locomote along the circle strong.

Where are your favorite spots for waves? 

Right side of Crystal Pier: I used to alive correct behind Crystal, walk out of my theatre every morn in addition to locomote surf simply for convenience sake. Left side tin larn fun sometimes too. Always risky when there's a fun petty moving ridge upwards against the side of the pier because of the surfing laws here, but yous gotta chance it to larn the biscuit.

C Street: Where you're gonna detect up-and-coming groms throwing fins in addition to the quondam guys cruising inward from the outside.

Johnny Mercer’s Pier: Left or Right side of Mercer's tin locomote fun. I selection based on the crowd.

Traveling to Puerto Rico: It’s larn a instant home, everyone that lives at that spot is super welcoming... wilderness, aguada in addition to tres palmas. If I could pitch a tent inward the woods at wilderness in addition to alive at that spot I would. Literally, I ride a log everywhere. I don't ain a shortboard yet. I rode a 5'4 fish inward Puerto Rico, then that volition definitely locomote my adjacent investment to broaden my quiver.

Where are your favorite surf shops for gear, pre-surf breakfast/coffee, in addition to post-surf dejeuner spots for food? 

Sweetwater Surf Shop for all the gear, Cafe Del Mar for the infamous iced flavour roast java to larn your twenty-four hr menses going, acai bowl at Surfberry for a petty mid twenty-four hr menses snack, in addition to yous can't locomote amongst out Margs in addition to chips n' salsa at Tower 7!

Why does Wrightsville Beach experience similar dwelling theatre to you? 

The theatre unit of measurement human face of living on the isle is i of a kind. The to a greater extent than yous hang around, the to a greater extent than yous larn to know the local crowd in addition to cease upwards non beingness able to walk, bicycle or drive or then without hollerin' at a friendly human face upwards (or seven). It's a tight knit community that loves a proficient fourth dimension in addition to loves their surfing!! Home is where the pump is in addition to my pump is surfing. I'm beyond grateful to locomote able to telephone vociferation upwards Wrightsville Beach home.

Follow along amongst Karson's Wrightsville Beach happenings on Instagram at @karsoncoastal

Karson Lewis surfing during the chillier months inward North Carolina. Photo yesteryear Carleigh Sion. 
Karson Lewis leans into the nose, wearing the Lido One-Piece. Photo yesteryear Blair Bigham 
Karson Lewis paddles out. Photo yesteryear Kevin Mitchell. 
Karson Lewis wears the Hermosa inward Florencia. Photo yesteryear Kevin Mitchell.