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A Surf Life: Seeababes featured on Garance Dore!

Luki O'Keefe on Garance Dore. Photo past times Erik Klein. 
We can't larn plenty of Garance Dore's fashion illustrations, impeccable French mode in addition to unabashed honesty on her blog, in addition to thus nosotros were over the satelite to listen that her studio shared usual adoration for our "inspiring, effortless in addition to impossibly cool" surf life. During Garance Dore Studio's recent trip to Los Angeles, our ii paths got to encounter at Malibu for a beach political party in addition to paddle out past times the lite of the sunset.

Scroll on for the even where Seeababes Makala Smith in addition to Luki O'Keefe talked well-nigh the perfect post-surf meals, the interplanetary space uses of kokosnoot oil and womanhood, or thought it on! 

Left, Makala wears the Zuma One-Piece inward Verano. Luki wears the Rincon Neoprene Jacket. 

Makala wears the Zuma inward Verano.