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Rosie Jaffurs' Guide to the friendliest Summer waves inwards Oahu

Rosie Jaffurs wears the Ensenada Bikini inward Selva. Photo yesteryear Keoki Saguibo. 

For pros, wintertime on Oahu’s North Shore is adrenaline rush barrel heaven. For the residuum of us, paddling for our lives together with tumbling inward a whitewater washing machine is non the opor-garai photos nosotros imagined.

Even seasoned local Rosie Jaffurs, together with resident Seeababe who teaches lessons on the North Shore, looks forwards to when the waves are glassy logger friendly ramps. Here, she gave us her favorite summertime surf spots on Oahu for beginner together with longboard fun.

Waikiki: “Always convey your longboard because it is normally actually small-scale together with crowded. You direct keep a lot of the Waikiki Beach Boys on their tiffin breaks trying to larn roughly waves, a yoke tourists who direct keep rented boards that are existence dangerous, together with the beach boys normally come upwards over attention them larn a moving ridge in.

You direct keep a beautiful sentiment of the entire Waikiki too equally Diamond Head correct there. It's the same spot that a lot of the longboard contests are held inward Hawaii together with it's the i town spot that I direct keep consistently grown upwards existence brought to. My parents had their kickoff appointment at that spot too my swain together with I. I desire to state y'all tin sack well-nigh experience the ability of the spot, existence the master spot of surfing, where the groovy Duke taught together with surfed!”

Rosie wears the Tofino inward Black Lace. Photo yesteryear Keoki Saguibo. 
Diamond Head: “It's a trek to larn downwards the cliff only in i lawsuit y'all larn downwards out there, it's similar a whole novel world. Diamond Head mount is directly higher upwards y'all together with y'all seem to travel inward below the crater inward deep bluish water. Lots of peaks together with waves. Good for longboard or shortboard amongst a crowd of locals together with beginners all mixed throughout.”

Barbers Point/ White Plains: “Good beginner intermission that is supposedly similar to San-O. Log or SUP for sure, moving ridge is crumbly together with weak only i of the transcend picks for a summertime sesh. It's a crowd of armed services beginners to the coolest uncles that are surfing today. You tin sack run across Waikiki inward a distance only you’re definitely adjacent to an airdrome because the planes are a pretty big distraction. Had a lot of increment inward my surfing travel on here, perfect picayune log peelers that allowed me to larn comfy inward the nose.”

Chuns: “My office. Where nosotros learn surfing during the summer. There's aren’t ever a lot of waves only compared to the lake that the due north shore is during the summer, this picayune reef provides a big plenty wall to ride. Longboard spot filled amongst beginners together with girls! Girls fellowship is ever out at Chuns together with they pretty much accept over the lineup together with driblet inward unless you’re the skillful looking local man child who is vehement the crap out of a moving ridge :) View is gorgeous to me I tin sack run across my habitation from the delineate of piece of job upwards too equally Mt. Ka’ala to Kaena Point.”

Rosie Jaffurs wears the Tofino One-Piece inward Black Lace. Photo yesteryear Keoki Saguibo.
Rosie Jaffurs wears the Zuma Surf Suit inward Selva. Photo yesteryear Keoki Saguibo.
Rosie Jaffurs wears the Zuma Surf Suit inward Selva. Photo yesteryear Keoki Saguibo.
Rosie Jaffurs wears the Zuma Surf Suit inward Selva. Photo yesteryear Keoki Saguibo.