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Video: LUNAR amount length

Leah Dawson absorbs the sun's liberate energy inwards Lunar. Photo past times Mauro Ladu.

Grounded past times footing as well as charged amongst liberate energy past times water, Leah Dawson is a solar brute influenced past times the moon’s gravitational pull, similar the sea.

Watch the exceptional full-length cinema LUNAR to sense the treeless landscape of Fuerteventura inwards the Canary Islands. 

Here, Leah Dawson shares how the video came to be, as well as why this unusual province was the correct house to nourish her artistic spirit past times creating music, hand-shaping, as well as moving ridge dancing. 

LUNAR past times Onde Nostre amount length from The Seea on Vimeo.

Words past times Leah Dawson 

Days into our trip shooting Seea inwards Panama City, designer Amanda Chinchelli, her longtime friend as well as stylist Elisabetta dal Bello, as well as I began daydreaming of coming together ane time to a greater extent than at Betta’s abode base of operations inwards the Canary Islands. Sure enough, the dream became a reality a few months later. 

Amanda as well as Betta had gathered their friends as well as colleagues of "Onde Nostre," a highly acclaimed Italian cinema production team, to bring together us inwards an attempt to create a beautiful curt fine art film. 

Together, for the sake of loving creation, nosotros all embarked on a journeying to capture as well as create a story of connecting to place.  The get-go twenty-four hours I arrived inwards the Canaries, I walked barefoot atop the worn lava grounds. I've read walking barefoot helps cure jet lag, because it grounds us to the liberate energy of the house nosotros are.

Though sharp, walking dried lava requires awareness of every unmarried step, making us rest present. I continued to walk barefoot every bit nosotros explored the isle because I felt energized from the ground.

There's a majority called Earthing, which speaks to the transfer of negative ions from the footing to our bodies piece walking barefoot. Negative ions are crucial to human health, withal much of our societies only about the public are starved of the earths balancing properties. The ocean, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, jungles, the raw earth, all reach negative ions. It's our self medicine to immerse our selves inwards the magic of the earth.

Earlier inwards Panama, Betta had been riding my get-go self-shaped board named Smoothie.  She made me hope I’d brand her ane after having a twain magical sessions. When I arrived to the Canaries, she had already organized for me to cast a board amongst local shaper Julian Sicre of Joyas Surfboards.  Julian took me nether his wing; he taught me a lot virtually using tools, the dynamics of board shaping, as well as glassing. 

Julian also offered his surfing knowledge, style, as well as expertise for me to watch, mimic, as well as line inspiration from. Having him lead me inwards as well as out of the sketchy lava stone H2O entry as well as larn out kept me out of harm’s way, as well as steered me into the best waves piece I was there. 

We were able to cast as well as drinking glass a Smoothie 2 inwards only ii days, as well as I rode the board for a few sessions on the trip earlier leaving it amongst Betta—achieving her dream come upwardly true, too. 

There's many gifts surfing brings us, as well as ane is the wish to travel, to sense novel waves, novel lands as well as novel cultures. For this keeps our perspective broadening, other ways of living are humbling as well as inspiring. We pick out opportunities to connect on a spiritual flat amongst locals involved inwards surfing, because eventually wherever yous go, there's going to live mortal inwards dear amongst the ocean, only similar you. Surfing shrinks the degrees of separation inside its community, hence connecting us farther to this broad spider web of surfers only about the globe.

For me, life is virtually connecting amongst people on a pump level, as well as if nosotros go as well as surf amongst our opened upwardly heart, we'll undoubtably connect amongst others.

Further, traveling to places as well as so dissimilar from whence nosotros came, gives us a fresh reality, an enhanced recognition of the vast diverseness our planet provides us.

It was an incredible sense to connect amongst the local surf civilisation through this way, every bit good every bit participate inwards creating some other lasting fine art slice to live enjoyed in-motion. I await frontwards to returning to this wonderful province to piece of employment on exploring the vast waves as well as isle culture, every bit good every bit nurturing our lasting friendships. 

Leah Dawson wears the Carmel Neoprene One-Piece inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Mauro Ladu
Leah Dawson wears the Riviera One-Piece inwards Panama inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Mauro Ladu. 
Leah Dawson wears the Solanas Surf Suit inwards Paradiso inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Mauro Ladu. 
Leah Dawson wears the Solanas Surf Suit inwards Paradiso inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Mauro Ladu. 
Leah Dawson wears the Solanas Surf Suit inwards Paradiso inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Mauro Ladu. 
Leah Dawson wears the Solanas Surf Suit inwards Paradiso inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Onde Nostre.
Leah Dawson inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Onde Nostre.  

Leah Dawson shapes a surfboard inwards Lunar. Photo past times Onde Nostre.. 
Leah Dawson amongst her minute hand-shaped board inwards LUNAR. Photo past times Onde Nostre. 


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