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Through Amber Mozo's Lens, Life is Beautiful

Amber Mozo together with her hubby Colby inwards Hawaii. Photo yesteryear 

Those lucky plenty to grow upward inwards Hawaii know that the ocean’s waves, colorful reefs together with creatures below the surface tin live on as enchanting together with frightening. Even for someone similar lensman Amber Mozo who’s experienced tragedy of the worst form at the hands of the sea — Amber’s father, Jon Mozo was a renowed surf lensman who died spell shooting at Backdoor when she was 10-years-old — the eternal optimist sees beauty inwards her lens.

With the approbation of her solid unit of measurement to follow her creativity, Amber opted out of high schoolhouse early on to pursue her photography career. And from the looks of her portfolio, Republic of the Fiji Islands is means to a greater extent than awesome than prom. We caught upward amongst Amber later she precisely returned from Bali to beak to a greater extent than almost photography manner together with why Hawaii is home.

Right at in 1 lawsuit we’re inwards a crazy historic stream of photography, it’s together with hence like shooting fish in a barrel to receive got photos wherever you lot are. What practice you lot await for inwards the frame when taking an image?

Amber Mozo: It is VERY like shooting fish in a barrel to receive got photos these days, everyone is doing it! But you lot tin actually say when an creative individual worked difficult to practice a photograph that is their style. What's interesting to me is when a mutual concept such as surfing has a exceptional twist on it from the photographer's ain style. I dear long shutters together with soft lighting. I ever endeavor to brand sure enough I'm staying truthful to my manner when taking an image.

Malia Manuel. Photo yesteryear Amber Mozo. 

One of Amber's photography muses, her hubby Colby. Photo yesteryear Amber Mozo. 
Ohana together with isle life. Photo yesteryear Amber Mozo. 
You’ve said you lot started taking photos later your dad died as a type of therapy. How did his passing alter your childhood together with your human relationship to the ocean?

Amber: It was naturally therapeutic for me. It was my creative outlet together with it volition ever be. I dear constantly creating. With my Dad drowning inwards the body of body of water it hasn't ever made me loathe the ocean. I know my limits together with would never shoot at sure enough surf breaks but I dear the ocean. It’s dwelling solid for me.

What is the surf community of women surfers, together with creatives inwards full general similar on the North Shore? Why are your friends of import living on a modest island?

Amber: There’s a modest but awesome community of women surfers hither on the North Shore. All of the girls are sum of sunshine together with supportive of each other out inwards the water. This isle is beautiful but it’s the companionship that gives it its spirit. Friends are most of import because they are the ones who motivate you lot to larn far the water!

You larn a ton of comments on Tumblr together with Instagram! How does it experience to gain together with hence much back upward from people you’ve never met? 

Amber: It’s quite overwhelming at times. I frequently intend 'how practice I deserve all of this awesome support!!?' I'm really grateful for the people who appreciate the same things that I do…. Love, family, ocean, surfing. 

Amber together with Colby. Amber wears the Hermosa Surf Suit inwards globe Waves. By 

Amber together with Colby. Amber wears the Hermosa Surf Suit inwards globe Waves. By
Amber together with Colby. Amber wears the Hermosa Surf Suit inwards globe Waves. By
Amber together with Colby. Amber wears the Hermosa Surf Suit inwards globe Waves. By
Amber together with Colby. Amber wears the Hermosa Surf Suit inwards globe Waves. By
You never went to college together with were homeschooled. Why was this the correct path for you lot together with your creativity?

Amber: I attended populace schoolhouse until ninth degree together with later that I had lots of dreams together with the schoolhouse schedule was slowing me down. I’m a really independent individual together with hence I decided to complete schoolhouse early, graduate together with rootage my photography business. It was definitely the best choice for me growing up.

You’ve talked almost Republic of the Fiji Islands on your weblog beingness your exceptional place, why?

Amber: I started working inwards Republic of the Fiji Islands 2 years ago. I was sent out at that spot yesteryear myself together with position on a tiny petty isle called Namotu. It’s absolutely stunning inwards Fiji... the waves, the water, the reef… There’s something almost beingness inwards the middle of the South Pacific Ocean on a pile of sand away from all of the hustle together with bustle from the residue of the world. It’s precisely special.

Whenever you lot come upward dwelling solid from a trip, why does Hawaii experience similar home?

Hawaii feels similar dwelling solid because I was raised hither all my life. I move heaps together with I dear experiencing novel things together with dissimilar cultures but at that spot actually is…no identify similar dwelling solid :-)

What’s your side yesteryear side aspiration together with big dream that you lot desire to orbit inwards your photography or creative life?

Thats a tube , you're going to receive got to hold off together with see!! ;)

How is surfing utilization of your life, together with utilization of life inwards Hawaii?

Surfing frees me. When I'm out inwards the body of body of water on my surfboard I am inwards my ain world. I tin precisely be. I experience that a lot of people from Hawaii handgrip together with similar to alive similar this.

Follow Amber Mozo's isle life on Instagram: @ambermozo
Fiji. Photo yesteryear Amber Mozo. 
Waikiki. Photo yesteryear Amber Mozo. 
All photos yesteryear Amber Mozo together with