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What I Wish I Knew equally a Young Artist: Julie Goldstein's Creative Evolution

Artist Julie Goldstein adds a manus drawn message at her gallery show. Photo courtesy of SWMwithme.

The agency people uncovering in addition to persuasion fine art today is totally dissimilar from it was 10 or xv years ago, at the fourth dimension creative someone Julie Goldstein started exhibiting her woods cutting prints. Imagine if your experience alongside fine art was express to what y'all could run across alongside your ain eyes, inwards the physical house it was displayed. 

“When I kickoff started creating woodcuts in addition to exhibiting, it was inwards 2000 inwards New York City. The museums in addition to galleries is where nosotros viewed art, talked close fine art in addition to everything was tangible,” Julie tells us. 

Today, social media, blogs in addition to digital communication teach inwards easier for artists to uncovering their ain niche audiences in addition to teach discovered past times gallery curators in addition to collectors. 

“We tin view, sell in addition to have feedback internationally past times using Instagram, Facebook in addition to other platforms to assistance promote ourselves every bit artists,” Julie continued. 

What does this novel landscape hateful for a budding novel artist? Looking dorsum at 10 years of run compiled for a special retrospective exhibit, Julie shares her advice in addition to lessons for immature artists. For to a greater extent than data close Julie Goldstein’s exhibit at California State University San Marcos, opened upwardly straight off through March 23, 2016 click HERE

A hold off at Julie Goldstein's run displayed at CSU San Marcos. 
How create y'all response to criticism close your work? 

I e'er appreciate when I have feedback, peculiarly when viewers challenge my concepts in addition to vision. It inspires me in addition to helps me to reverberate on my concepts.

When y'all run across all your run together, how convey y'all seen yourself evolve every bit an creative someone in addition to person? 

It is interesting, the stories convey changed in addition to developed over the years, simply the amount content in addition to inspiration is the same. I convey e'er felt really strongly close coupling my passions for the bounding main alongside stories that convey evolved over fourth dimension close women, relationships in addition to my personal experiences. I endeavour to maintain my run semi-autobiographic in addition to personal. My ideas maintain evolving every bit my ain life shifts in addition to changes over time.

How does each slice stand upwardly for a turning point? 

Each slice is a considered a chapter inwards a book. They stand upwardly for dissimilar parts of my life. Women who I know personally in addition to women who are pioneers that relate to me on dissimilar levels. The sea, surfing in addition to my connections to nature are e'er a rigid role of the work.

Two of Julie Goldstein's prints. Photos courtesy of the artist. 

Why is it of import to continually grow, evolve, in addition to through all that, what close yourself is e'er the same?

It is of import to pay attending to life in addition to how nosotros evolve over time. I experience that every bit my personal life evolves in addition to thus does my work. They are closely related. However, my amount content, values in addition to beliefs remain the same. How I portray this story volition e'er evolve every bit the pregnant in addition to who I am stays the same.

What advice create y'all want someone told y'all inwards the early on role of your fine art career that you’d similar to exceed on to the novel generation? 

I want that I were given to a greater extent than guidance at a immature historic current on how to connect to the fine art world, galleries in addition to museums. I scream back that most challenging role of beingness an creative someone is finding consistent run in addition to galleries to exhibit in. Having a cohesive torso of run is really important. My advice to immature artists is maintain working, producing fine art in addition to create non fright showing your run in addition to receiving feedback. Believe inwards your goals in addition to passions in addition to y'all volition persevere.

Thanks for your inspiring words in addition to encouragement, Julie! 

To persuasion to a greater extent than of Julie's work, teach to her website:
Follow Julie on Instagram: @swmwithme
For to a greater extent than data close her show, click HERE

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