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In the Moment amongst Sage Erickson

Sage Erickson inwards the Riviera One-Piece. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.

For Sage Erickson, a perennial traveler who’s either simply returned from somewhere, or leaving tomorrow to someplace else, it's a luxury to simply last for a minute. And how does this WSL-ranked surfer challenge herself during the stretches betwixt competition? She plays exterior of her comfort zone — on a longboard.

“I’ve been longboarding a lot more, which is thus fun because I experience similar a full kook at times!” Sage tells us.

We pushed the intermission clit on Sage’s on-the-go schedule as well as asked her, “What are yous loving well-nigh life correct now?” From drawing as well as riding dissimilar wavecraft, to the simply spending fourth dimension inwards existent life alongside friends, Sage shared her thoughts on the acquaint moment.

Why surfing without a gauge watching is thus liberating:

“I've been enjoying my fourth dimension off tour. Competing on the entitle tour all yr definitely takes a lot of focus as well as decision to succeed. As much of it is surfing, ‘professional’ surfing is judged, thus your functioning is ofttimes decided through somebody else's eyes.

What types of boards she’s riding:

“I’ve been loving surfing all types of Channel Island shapes lately as well as non having the force per unit of measurement area every session of ‘performing.’

The agency yous ride the moving ridge [on a longboard] as well as maneuvers yous practice are thus dissimilar than your measure thruster shortboard. It’s ever expert to challenge ourselves inwards places nosotros aren’t the best. I intend that’s where nosotros particularly grow mentally.”

Why Hawaii feels similar freedom:

“In Hawaii, existence inwards a bikini is thus freeing inwards as well as of itself also. Sunny days or rainy days alongside rainbows overhead makes the isle lifestyle such a dream. The moments where sessions are effortless as well as it’s simply me as well as the bounding main is why I surf. Surfing has curated an amazing lifestyle for me. Lately I've been realizing equally I'm getting older how blessed I've been as well as how excited I am daily to percentage my stoke alongside people.”

Sage inwards the Anglet One-Piece. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage inwards the Anglet One-Piece spell walking to the waves inwards Oahu. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage inwards the sunlight inwards Hawaii. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage inwards the Anglet One-Piece, waiting inwards the line-up. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage's hand-painted board. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage inwards the Anglet One-Piece. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.

Fun fact: surfing is 1 of many mediums inwards which Sage expresses her creativity:

"There are thus many outlets at 1 time to limited yourself as well as what yous believe in. I ofttimes depict things on my surfboard that symbolize characteristics I strive to receive got inwards my life. Art is 1 of my most self-reflecting times.

As humans, solitude is ofttimes where nosotros teach to take away heed out our ain hearts desires as well as and thus out of that fourth dimension nosotros teach into action. When I await downwards at the fine art beneath my feet I retrieve why I'm doing all that I do. Its pretty cool to honor that every mortal has a gift as well as how special that is."

One of the other mediums — film. 

"I’m thus stoked to last involved inwards the community at domicile lately equally well. I receive got a few friends that are amazing photographers as well as seeing the agency they capture images is actually inspiring for me to accept to a greater extent than pictures. I’ve been trying to teach funky alongside cinema lately. I’m waiting on a curl to develop at the moment."

On balancing the placidity times alongside the adrenaline spikes of competition:

"My preparation volition offset upward pretty shortly hither thus I'm absorbing equally much equally I tin earlier I receive got to pose my caput downwards as well as teach create to compete. Don't teach me incorrect I dearest competing, its simply takes a for sure mentality to last the best inwards the world. That’s exclusively 1 petty finish I receive got inwards my head."
Sage inwards the Anglet One-Piece. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage inwards the Riviera One-Piece. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
Sage spraying buckets, wearing the Riviera One-Piece. NBD. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.