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Seea Magazine #2: The Casa Mia Issue

Real printed paper! The Casa Mia Issue. Cover icon of Leah Dawson yesteryear Nathan Oldfield. 
There's something most belongings printed newspaper inwards your hands. Images are frozen inwards time, inwards physical shape that you lot tin come upwards dorsum to as well as live transported again. Titled "Casa Mia" translating to My Home, the minute annual edition of the Seea journal is our household unit of measurement photograph album.

From Dec 1-15, all orders over $200 of novel collection products volition have a gratis Seea impress journal as well as DVD!

We’re ofttimes told that Seea is distinctly California. Indeed, Seea was born inwards California as well as many of our Seeababe ambassadors — amongst their perennially sun-streaked locks, as well as breezy mental attitude stemming from a lifetime of happy, sunny conditions — are 3rd generation Californians.

But for Seea’s 2015 collection, which was inspired yesteryear the vibrant colors as well as geometric prints of designer Amanda Chinchelli’s homeland of Italy, nosotros wanted to celebrate Seea’s growing household unit of measurement tree branches beyond the West Coast.

This printed collection of stories as well as memories invite you lot into our homes — places of comfort, belonging as well as family, kindred souls connected through a shared creative fever, as well as our dearest for playing inwards the waves.

Here is a preview of roughly stories exclusively published inwards the Seea magazine!

Welcome to the Casa Mia issue. Photography yesteryear Nick LaVecchia. 

Swell Day, the California surfer version of pulverization days. Photography yesteryear Nick LaVecchia. 

Seea's baptism inwards the Mediterranean. Photography yesteryear Cristian Corradin. 

Seea chases the windswell through Italy. Photography yesteryear Cristian Corradin. 

Seeababe Chrystal Fitzgerald write most swimming amongst the whales inwards Tonga. Photography yesteryear Ming Nomchong. 

Meet our resident shutterbug Luki O'Keefe! Photography yesteryear Ming Nomchong as well as Amber Mozo. 

Ashley Johnson finds the loves of her life on Kauai. Words yesteryear Johnie Gall, photography yesteryear Bryce Johnson. 

Seea inwards Sayulita: words yesteryear Leah Dawson, photography yesteryear Luki O'Keefe.

Shop the 2016 collection for a gratis printed Seea journal as well as DVD amongst whatever purchase** over $200 of the novel collection!

**Valid on orders through Dec xv or until supplies last.