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Surf similar a woman. Leah Dawson on The Inertia

“My biggest compliment is non that I surf similar a man, but that I surf similar a woman,” Leah tells The Inertia. “If mortal watches me ride a wave, I desire them at the goal of it to know that I’m inwards honey amongst the ocean.”

An online community for surf stories told from many dissimilar voices, The Inertia's latest Creators video is titled, "Leah Dawson Might Save Women's Surfing" together with hails her equally an ambassador for modern women's surfing. On transcend of her undeniable science of her moving ridge riding inwards a graceful, nonetheless athletically powerful trend all her own, nosotros were blown away past times Leah's insightful words almost why she surfs.

“It makes my pump sing when I view other women out celebrating inwards the H2O together with only playing together with rejoicing,” says Dawson. “They’re non trying to usage tricks, together with they’re non trying to teach pose out i inwards the world. They’re only going out for their daily medicine…As a lover of the sport I desire to view women feeling to a greater extent than empowered to surf similar a woman.”

Watch the video for to a greater extent than soul food: