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Introducing... LEI yesteryear SEEA

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We’ll ever travel dingy barefoot surfers at heart, merely the ladies at Seea too similar to set on political party heels too a fancy outfit in 1 lawsuit inwards a while! For those times that yous desire to clothes upward a picayune too float inwards a rooftop pool, or lounge on a beach recliner nether a striped umbrella, nosotros are thrilled to innovate yous to the especial capsule collection: LEI yesteryear SEEA. 

Seea has ever been close working amongst our hands to brand something, too respecting garments equally a technical artform of sculpting fabric. We teach butterflies when nosotros disclose a vintage garment amongst manus sewn details, or a especial pattern job we've never seen before. LEI yesteryear SEEA started equally a side projection of Seea designer Amanda Chinchelli equally an facial expression of her evolving creativity. It was a house where she could allow her imagination run free. 

The advert Lei comes from the Italian discussion for ‘she’.

"For me, the perfect example of a potent adult woman is the modern woman rear — women who remainder their careers too household unit of measurement responsibilities piece existence creative, active too stylish,” says Amanda. 

Inspired yesteryear the strong, active adult woman whose distinct femininity shines through her every movement, each LEI yesteryear SEEA trend advert pays homage to women’s surfing pioneers such equally Rell Sunn too Frida Gamba.

In a stunning juxtaposition of crisp structured patterns, flowing raw edged ruffles, too transparent details, LEI BY SEEA lets yous encompass your contradictions too trip the lite fantastic of the edges of categorization: pretty too fierce, sexiness too modesty, contemporary fashion too activewear function. 

We promise yous cherish these pieces for their especial craftsmanship, too the pump nosotros set into creating them.