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Malibu local & Seeababe Taylor Nelson finds novel adventures inward Hawaii

Raised on surfing the legendary First Point inwards Malibu, California daughter as well as Seeababe Taylor Nelson idea she couldn’t acquire whatsoever to a greater extent than sun-kissed, bikini-blissed as well as surfed out — until she moved to Hawaii for University.

When you’re living on an island, you’re ever on your means out or going into the water. “Since I receive got moved to Hawaii I experience similar my bathing accommodate collection has tripled inwards size, as well as I tin nation that I receive got surfed inwards each one!” Taylor laughs.

The North Shore is to a greater extent than famous for its hollow barrels than soft betoken breaks as well as cruisey longboard-friendly waves as well as Taylor says leaving the nest for a novel surroundings set her surfing, as well as her guts to the test. She may receive got grown upward a bit, simply her generous heart, glass-is-always-half-full attitude, as well as playfulness inwards the body of body of water hasn’t changed at all. We caught upward with Taylor across the sea on how her California roots as well as Aloha spirit has made her who she is today.

Taylor Nelson as well as Hawaiian BFF Rosie Jaffurs on their means to notice waves. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 

Taylor Nelson logging inwards Hawaii, wearing the Hermosa inwards Tea Leaf. Photo past times Alex Shea.
Taylor Nelson at habitation with the palm trees, inwards the Hermosa inwards footing Waves. Photo past times Mike Bresnen. 

What was it similar growing upward inwards a surfing family? 

Some of my start memories were surfing with my dad, sis as well as cousin at the Channel Islands as well as Ventura, Santa Barbara area. We exercise to move canvass to the islands pretty consistently as well as the alone means to acquire to the islands was past times kayak or surfboard. My sister, cousin, as well as I naturally took a liking to the body of body of water as well as surfing as well as paddling around the islands are some of my fondest start memories. 

I got into surfing because my dad surfed. Every weekend he would receive got my sis as well as I to the beach as well as nosotros both got hence hooked on it. Surfing was huge component of my identify unit of measurement growing up. It was a identify where my identify unit of measurement was able to connect as well as reverberate on life. My dad helped start a surf ministry building with my church, as well as that was such an of import component of my childhood because I learned how to portion my passion with the community. 

Who are some of your surf heros as well as people who y'all expect upward to?

Carla Rowland has been the most influential inwards my surfing style. All of the ladies at First Point inwards Malibu receive got been hence influential on my surfing: Carla Rowland, Eveline VanBrande, Anna Osborne, Margaret Calvani, Andrea Kabawso as well as Erin Ashley. Britt Harris inwards Hawaii has influenced my surfing to accuse bigger waves as well as Rosie Aldridge has helped force as well as encourage me as well as been a adept novel friend inwards Hawaii. 

The people I expect upward to most inwards life are my best friends; Moriah Mclead, Eveline VanBrande, Mary Gray, as well as Britt Harris for beingness such potent women, compassionate women, my fellow Tyler for having a huge catch for others as well as perseverance as well as passion for next dreams.

Taylor enjoying her isle home. She wears the Palomar Crop Top inwards Tea Leaf. Photo past times Alex Shea. 

What is some of the advice that these women gave y'all that stuck with you?

Some of the things that the women of Malibu taught me that stuck is that I, every bit women, tin practise it. I tin brand that section, I tin stand upward up for myself, as well as I tin surf! This go-getter mental attitude helped encourage me inwards all walks of life, from school, to dealing with identify unit of measurement as well as relationships. I recall what was special learning from these women that I couldn’t receive got learned from guys was a sense of encouragement; these women were first-class tangible examples for me growing up.

What are your favorite local spots to surf?

My favorite topographic point is my habitation break, First Point, Malibu. I honey it because it’s a perfect correct betoken break.

Surfing is a fourth dimension where I tin live on nevertheless as well as reverberate on my life. Surfing is a to a greater extent than of import human face of my life right away every bit a college educatee hence it has ever been because I tin decompress as well as allow loose. I experience most closed with God when I am inwards the body of body of water as well as it is such a reminder of grace.

Taylor Nelson inwards the Zuma inwards Burgundy. Photo past times Mike Bresnen. 

Did y'all grow upward surfing with a lot of girls, or by as well as large guys?

I grew upward surfing with by as well as large boys. Generally my best friend Eveline as well as I would live on the alone girls out inwards the H2O surfing. I absolutely honey surfing with my best girlfriends because it is hence encouraging as well as fun. I force myself to a greater extent than when I am surfing with girls than boys.

I recall that girls naturally receive got a wall upward to other girls that they practise non know, peculiarly novel ones at habitation surf spots. Because of this natural barrier I recall most women have, I prefer to surf with guys.

Congrats on graduating from college inwards Hawaii! What are your experiences surfing inwards Hawaii inwards comparing to California?

Wow, it is hence unlike surfing inwards Hawaii compared to California. I did non realize how fortunate I was to grow upward inwards Ventura County until I moved to Hawaii. Growing upward at start betoken Malibu, large waves that pack a punch are pretty rare. If y'all know me, I am hence stoked on pocket-size playful waves. Hawaii has totally toughed me upward as well as humbled me. 

Never inwards a 1 1000 1000 years did I ever imagine myself feeling comfortable surfing or logging on the North Shore of Oahu. Waves inwards Hawaii receive got huge consequences as well as are to live on respected. I learned that my start growing swell.

I actually admire the surfing civilization inwards Hawaii as well as the sum of honour people receive got for their elders as well as for the ocean.

Watching for the side past times side set. Photo of Taylor Nelson past times John Hook. 

The Hawaiian sunsets. Taylor Nelson drops in. Photo past times John Hook. 
What are some of the coolest novel experiences you've had inwards Hawaii since living there?
I recall that moving to Hawaii has been the best flavor of my life, how the isle of Oahu has really taught me hence many life lessons as well as how it has taught me close myself. Each hike I move on, every fourth dimension I surf, to every sunrise as well as sunset I really experience the Lord has unveiled my soul through the beauty Hawaii has to offer.

I took a Hawaiian studies shape through my university. It taught the history of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaiians, as well as the civilization that every bit been brought upward because of the past. This shape was mesmerizing as well as eye-opening. Hawaii has been 1 large require chances as well as I actually receive got to give thank y'all all my local friends who receive got taken me nether their fly as well as shown me around as well as receive got actually pushed my surfing (Britt, Dusting, Rosie, as well as Keoki).

Taylor wears the Palomar Crop Top as well as Leucadia High Waisted Skirt. Photo past times Ian Zamora. 

How you've grown every bit a someone beingness away from home, as well as how Hawaii has move a component of y'all now?

Hawaii is the start identify that I receive got decided to telephone telephone home. The people that I receive got met piece living on North Shore receive got move my identify unit of measurement as well as it makes the idea of leaving this identify unimaginable. As cheesy every bit this may sound, I recall Hawaii helped me transition from beingness a daughter to a woman, this isle has a means of pedagogy y'all things close yourself that nowhere else inwards the public can.

Since moving hither I receive got learned that y'all practise non grow every bit a someone until y'all are out of your comfort zone, the uncomfortable feeling of coming together novel people as well as getting lost is humbling as well as I receive got learned this this awkward feeling helps y'all grow as well as live on found.

Tell us to a greater extent than close the brusk cinema series, "We Rise" that you’re working on.

We Rise” is serial of brusk clips that showcases woman someone marrow every bit it follows myself, Eveline VanBrande, as well as Anna Ehrgott. It is a need for character programming that honorably showcases strong, creative as well as inspiring women inwards choice sports. Our electrical current efforts are focused on edifice relationships as well as collaborating with independent surf communities around the public to create episodic content that communicates implicit meaning, supports a movement, as well as inspires within. Surfing is the mutual denominator that brought us all together. Whether it live on longboarding at First Point Malibu as well as our collective honey for the sea to encourage authentic women require chances content.

Taylor Nelson inwards the Zuma inwards Burgundy. Photo via @tayrosenels
What practise y'all honey close wearing Seea?

The matter that I actually appreciate close wearing Seea is that all of them are elegant as well as conservative. So many times inwards the surfing gild women reveal functionality for mode or mode for functionality as well as with Seea y'all tin receive got both.

Congrats on graduating college Taylor as well as on the side past times side chapter of your life!