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Intimasea Short Film past times Nathan Oldfield

Intimasea past times Nathan Oldfield from The Seea on Vimeo.

Made inwards collaboration alongside Australian filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, "Intimasea" is a brusk cinema that celebrates the beauty together with grace of women's longboard surfing, together with dreamy high of playing inwards the waves alongside your friends.

Featuring Seeababe ambassadors: Leah Dawson, Lola Mignot, Hallie Rohr, Karina Rozunko, Mele Saili together with Makala Smith wearing the Seea 2015 collection, together with filmed inwards Australia.

“Unfortunately, when I was a grom, at that topographic point weren’t many girls together with women inwards the water. I went through high schoolhouse knowing alone 1 daughter who surfed alongside us,” said Nathan Oldfield inwards The Inertia. “Back then, lineups tended to last real macho affairs — real competitive, crowded alongside full-on sword fights. Nowadays, the tables accept completely turned, peculiarly where I live. I for 1 am completely stoked to portion waves alongside lady sliders. They choose a unique together with beautiful together with gentler liberate energy to surfing culture; it is a privilege together with a pleasance and, higher upward all, an inspiration to portion fourth dimension inwards the sea alongside sea sisters.”

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