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Crystal Cove: Vintage Summers inwards the Wild California Shore

Emily Sanders wears the Tofino inwards Blue Tide at Crystal Cove. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan. 

Imagine discovering the wild California coastline. No PCH, no suburbs — but endless soil coming together the raw sea. Pitch your tent on whatsoever apartment piece of footing inwards the shade of ancient trees, slumber on the sand, in addition to army camp out until the air current changed. In the early on years of California’s development, the history of Crystal Cove located betwixt Newport Beach in addition to Laguna Beach began every bit a free-spirited community of beach bums, mixed amongst the halo of Hollywood.

The 1930s in addition to 1940s was the golden era of Crystal Cove every bit a summertime haven, making it a perfect place for a vintage-inspired Seea photograph shoot. With lensman Gabe Sullivan, nosotros sought to capture the natural California seascape in addition to neighborhood, every bit it was decades ago.
Crystal Cove. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan. 
Behinds the scenes of Crystal Cove photograph shoot. Gabe Sullivan shoots inwards front end of the expansive cliffs. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 

Surrounded past times cliffs in addition to agriculture farms, Crystal Cove was component subdivision of the huge 125,000-acre Irvine Company Ranch — yes, that’s the same Irvine draw solid unit of measurement that the metropolis of Irvine is named after. Around the 1920s in addition to 1930s, the Irvine Co. was riding the tinsel town slap-up in addition to hired a Hollywood technical director to create create camping, beach access in addition to filming production. Moviegoers idea they were seeing Hawaii or Tahiti on the big screen, when inwards fact it the thatched huts in addition to long-fronded palms were inwards Crystal Cove! 

The cinema crews started setting upwards tents along the beach, in addition to legend goes that the shacks (which would afterward croak the Crystal Cove Cottages) were built amongst scraps from shipwrecks that floated ashore. The blossoming beach community idea living at the beach for gratis was amazing therefore they stayed. 

The Irvine Company wasn’t i to suspension upwards the party, therefore they but started charging rent in addition to formalizing the camping ground leases. Kicking off on Memorial Day, families would provide twelvemonth after twelvemonth to their leased spots for the duration of the summer. These glory days lasted upwards until the mid-1960s, in addition to therefore inwards 1979, the soil was sold to the field of California. 

With the manage of the Alliance to salve Crystal Cove, the expanse was preserved from existence turned into luxury resorts. Instead, the cottages were restored to the nostalgic glow of 1930s to 1950s era of Crystal Cove, in addition to made available to rent for visitors to sense vintage California. Step dorsum in time amongst us to these historic decades.

Photography: Gabe Sullivan
Models: Sierra Sullivan, Emily Sanders, Ashley Leines, in addition to Michelle Miller
Makeup: Elizabeth Root
Hair: Cassie Bowerman

The Zuma Surf Suit inwards Black Stripe. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.
From left, the San O One-Piece inwards Coral, Tofino One-Piece inwards Geo Gold in addition to Leucadia Bikini Top in addition to Skirted Bottom inwards Luna. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.
The Palmas Surf Suit inwards Nautique. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.
The Tofino inwards Geo Gold. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.

The Zuma Surf Suit inwards Burgundy. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan. 
The Mundaka Wrap Top inwards public Waves in addition to Palisades High Waist neoprene shorts inwards Black Smoothie. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.
The Belmont Romper inwards Prarie. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan. 

The Hermosa inwards public Waves. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan. 
From left, the Chicama Top inwards Rosa worn amongst the Avalon Overalls inwards Deco Waves, the Lima Romper inwards Purple Sail; in addition to Mundaka Wrap Top inwards satelite worn amongst the Nosara Bottom inwards Verde. 
Vintage cameras inwards the cottage. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.
The Chicama Top in addition to Balboa Leggings inwards Porto. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.
From left, the Cambria Top inwards Black Stripe worn amongst the Chicama Bottom inwards Porto; the Chicama bikini inwards Rosa; in addition to the Tofino One-Piece inwards Blue Tide. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan. 
The Riviera One-Piece inwards Rosa. Photo past times Gabe Sullivan.