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Seeababe Makala Smith is a Wild Card

Welcome Makala Smith to the Seeababes family! Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.

If solely nosotros could bottle Makala Smith’s detail season of stoke in addition to gain a zap of her electrical superpowers. Whether it’s charging bombs at the Point at SanO, trimming inward lilliputian talocrural articulation biters, or wiping out amongst panache, her carefree mental attitude tin uplift in addition to unwind the most uptight of personalities.

She’s our favorite wild carte du jour that volition drib everything to acquire on a in conclusion infinitesimal surf safari — similar that fourth dimension she went amongst us across the boarder to chase swell, in addition to and thence 1 time again this twelvemonth she bought a ticket in addition to was paddling out amongst us inward Sayulita, United Mexican U.S.A. inside 24 hours. 

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 immature homo retro agency junkie, Makala used to vesture vintage swimsuits inward the H2O — despite the non-stretch fabrics amongst too-big bullet bras in addition to too-tiny waists. That’s dedication. Thankfully she doesn’t sacrifice comfort whatsoever longer in addition to you’ll most ofttimes reckon her inward the Seea Riviera one-piece in addition to leggings. 

Bombs away. Photo of Makala Smith past times Luki O'Keefe.

Growing upwards inward a creative surf identify unit of measurement inward Dana Point, California, Makala has played inward the waves amongst the local dudes (her dad beingness her principal influence) for every bit long every bit she could remember. “Hallie Rohr in addition to I would acquire dropped off at the jetty amongst the boys only about 7AM in addition to wouldn't acquire picked upwards till 7PM,” Makala says nearly her summertime opor-garai routine. 

In accolade of Makala Smith joining the Seeababes family, nosotros caught upwards amongst her to acquire the scoop on her latest "spontaneous combustion" travels. 

Makala is our surf leggings specialist! Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 

You went to Commonwealth of Australia for the Byron Bay Surf Festival last year! Where else did you lot acquire inward Oz? 

I was mainly inward Sydney surface area traveling anywhere from 5 hours due south of Sydney or viii hours northward this trip! For certainly got to know a lot of skillful towns in addition to meliorate than only driving through it. All of the Northern beaches of Sydney are the most beautiful places! When nosotros went before in conclusion twelvemonth amongst all the Seeababes, nosotros route tripped to Noosa. We saw all of the coast — was amazing! 

What did you lot dear nearly the civilisation inward Australia?

The civilisation over in that location is agency different. I loved the underdeveloped nation 1 time you lot go out Sydney. The coastline isn't right away similar ours amongst every bluff over the sea amongst a solid on it. It's jagged in addition to empty along the way. The people are dissimilar everywhere you lot go. It's real spread out. In most beach communities there's surf culture, but they’re all different. 

People nevertheless acquire to the beach in addition to bask it, but there's zilch similar due south Orange County beach culture. It's a lifestyle hither in addition to it's non only my friends that alive it. So many people all over California alive that lifestyle. Beach hangs inward Cali are the ultimate.

What are your favorite local spots to surf inward California in addition to why? 

SanO ‘cause of the surf culture. It could live a terrible twenty-four hr menses for the beach in addition to nosotros volition live having an awesome twenty-four hr menses — only ever surrounded past times skillful people. 

Makala Smith levitates inward the Pavones bikini. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.

What practise you lot similar nearly surfing amongst girls? 

Surfing amongst the girls is the best. We acquire the best political party waves. We are ever laughing in addition to beingness obnoxious. We receive got the best fourth dimension only messing around! Same amongst the guys though, non much difference, I acquire from my peers in addition to surfing amongst all them is what makes us grow inward surfing! 

Who practise you lot expect upwards to inward surfing? 

Lisa Anderson was my favorite surfer growing upwards in addition to nevertheless is. Belinda Baggs in addition to her grace inward surfing has influenced me in addition to my agency a lot. 

Makala inward United Mexican U.S.A. in conclusion year, wearing the Chicama bikini. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 

What practise you lot unremarkably convey amongst you lot on whatsoever surf trip?

Must convey on a surf trip: H2O body of water water! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 bikini a wetsuit jacket (depends where you lot go), sunscreen is a must, a skillful tiffin or snack in addition to a towel that's all you lot demand really! In the van [at home] I ever receive got a pair quivers: a brusque board, a log in addition to my quondam mal, all my Seea gear — it's ever the hardest to option what to wear! —wetsuits, H2O in addition to snacks.

What’s your surf move style? 

With [going to United Mexican U.S.A. amongst Luki O'Keefe in conclusion year] it was totally in conclusion minute, acquire amongst the flow. I dear doing that! Most surf trips are similar that. Spontaneous combustion is what nosotros similar to telephone yell upwards it.

Even Noosa [last year], nosotros planned the flying but when nosotros got in that location nosotros had no thought what nosotros were doing other than route trip. Like, no thought where nosotros were going at all! Five girls amongst guys nosotros barely know, only went for it in addition to had the best fourth dimension ever! It's skillful to innovation ahead inward certainly areas but you lot never know where your trip is going to receive got you! That's why it's an adventure.

Makala inward Mexico, wearing the Palmas surf suit. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 
Makala on the water. Photo past times Frank Gazzola. 

You booked your ticket super in conclusion infinitesimal to encounter upwards amongst the balance of the Seeababes inward Sayulita. What made you lot alter your mind?

It worked out perfectly. I got to operate the 5 days I was scheduled — the previous calendar week when the girls were there. I was thence jealous when I was dropping them off at the airport. But I only told myself, “focus on Noosa [Festival inward March] you lot demand to salve your money.” I did finally got over the jealousy. Well kinda...” Then the girls called me saying, “Come on! It's non the same amongst out you. We receive got all the Seeababes but you! We demand the in conclusion slice to our trip, nosotros demand you lot dude. Get your butt hither now! At commencement I was like, “No agency dude I gotta work! But ohhkaaaay I'll cheque it out…"

Tickets were solely $350 circular trip And I was like, “Done! Sold! I am coming!” I bought it acre I was at operate in addition to left the next morning time at 6AM thence my skillful friend Andy Neiblas took me to LAX [Los Angeles International] drome at 4 AM. I arrived inward PVR [Puerto Vallarta, Mexico] at 1PM. So stoked! Best in conclusion infinitesimal trip! Everything happens for a reason.

Makala's awesome style. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 
Makala hangs heels. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 

Was it worth it? What were your best memories of that trip?

Something I'll never forget from Sayulita is the vibe in addition to the spiritual side of it all. There's thence much history of that town in addition to you lot tin experience it through the people. The unloosen energy that everyone holds is thence potent in addition to it’s brought out inward people whether it's skillful or bad. For me, it made me opened upwards my caput in addition to I dear non having a phone, only taking morning time strolls along the beach in addition to coming together thence many beautiful souls that touched me along the way. Just exploring is thence amazing whether there's surfing involved or not.

One of my favorite days amongst all the girls was the twenty-four hr menses nosotros walked from Lola Mignot’s solid only about to this beach in addition to torso surfed. The walk was thence unreal, thence beautifully breathtaking you lot tin listen the birds in addition to the bugs squishing inward your toes. I could opened upwards a lilliputian vintage boutique in addition to never come upwards back!

Thanks Makala in addition to welcome to the Seeababes family, nosotros are thence stoked to receive got you!

Makala inward the Palmas surf suit. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe. 
Makala  in the Pavones bikini. Photo past times Luki O'Keefe.