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Most loved photos together with best moments of Seea inwards 2014

From overstep left corner: Annabel Ocean Greer is born! Seea x Vans collab. Seea x Furrow surfboard. Seea launches inwards Commonwealth of Australia featuring Chrystal Fitzgerald too Leana Rack photograhed past times Ming Nomchong. Luki O'Keefe photos featured inwards Foam Symmetry too Mele too Jenayl inwards Italy photograph past times Onde Nostre.
Thanks to our awesome fans similar you, the Seea identify unit of measurement grew past times crazy leaps too bounds inwards 2014. Seea tin right away hold upward institute inwards to a greater extent than than 150 retail stores worldwide, we’ve got 16K bounding main lovers (and rising) next @theseea on Instagram, too hundreds of #MySeeaLife photos were shared. As nosotros unopen the books on 2014, we’ve gathered the well-nigh viral photos, inspiring stories too Seea accomplishments during the past times year.

First Time Only Happens Once 

They state y'all never forget your kickoff fourth dimension too 2014 was packed amount of Seea kickoff launches too births! Our identify unit of measurement grew amongst the arrival of the kickoff Seeababy, Annabel Ocean Greer into the world, Seea hired it’s kickoff amount fourth dimension employee Summer Nelson too our novel Southern Hemisphere sales rep Leana Rack sold our kickoff orders to stores inwards Australia!

It was our well-nigh ambitious twelvemonth of collabs: nosotros released the kickoff Seea surfboard collaboration amongst shaper Christine Brailsford, our kickoff Vans x Seea collab of footwear came out amongst a political party to celebrate at Thalia, too our kickoff collab amongst the Royal Hawaiian Hotel featured our kickoff Hawaiian Seeababe Ashley Johnston.

We had fun trying novel things too going to novel places, such every bit producing our kickoff impress periodical The Shakamuchacha Issue too existence included inwards the launch of Without Walls stores nationwide! Seeababes Mele Saili too Jenayl Peters touched downwards on Italian soil for the kickoff fourth dimension ever, nosotros were invited to present inwards the RedMilk Room at an international merchandise show, White Milan for the kickoff time, too our resident shutterbug Luki O’Keefe got her kickoff printed photograph characteristic inwards Foam Symmetry magazine.

First row from overstep to bottom: Makala inwards Seea surf leggings photograph past times Luki O'Keefe. Leah Dawson photograph past times Maria Fernanda. Nasima Akter, i of the kickoff adult woman surfers inwards Bangladesh. Second row from top: JinSoo & Lucy's marriage ceremony invitation. Karina too Makala photograph past times Luki O'Keefe. Mele Saili inwards Australia.  Third row from top: Margaret Yao Calvani surfing spell pregnant. Photo past times Kemi Vernon, too Mele featured on Photo past times Woody.

Photos that went Viral 

We know y'all dear beautiful surfing photos but nosotros couldn’t believe the outpour of dear for personal photos too stories. Margaret Yao Calvani’s meaning surfing photograph too our Korean friends JinSoo & Lucy’s marriage ceremony invitation went viral amongst hundreds of likes too tons of shares.

You were inspired past times Nasima Akter, a pioneer of women surfers inwards People's Republic of Bangladesh to percentage the flush amongst your friends, too of course, gorgeous feats of moving ridge riding (during Hurricane Marie, the Deus Bali Logfest, too more) made our iPhone alerts blow upward amongst likes too comments.

Front page of the Life & Fashion department inwards OC Register! The Seea x Royal Hawaiian Hotel collab Doheny rashguard photograph past times Bryce Johnson too photograph of Mele inwards the Montara rashguard too Pacifica legging past times Nick LaVecchia.
H5N1 photograph posted past times Julia Mancuso (@juliamancuso) on

H5N1 photograph posted past times due south eastward E H5N1 (@theseea) on

Your Love for Seea was everything 

Thank y'all to all of our fans that shared their dear for Seea. Many of our well-nigh liked too commented photos were #MySeeaLife photos taken past times existent customers!

We were incredibly honored to give away that Olympic athlete Julia Mancuso wears the Seea Swami’s playsuit spell existence a badass surfer, diver too stand-up paddle boarder to crosstraining inwards Hawaii during the off season. The OC Register wrote a fantastic flush on the revival of women’s surf rashguards too featured Seea on the front end page of the section! We were stoked to larn friends amongst the super fashionable too beautiful human existence Leah Dawson, who's right away been wearing Seea during her North Shore surf season.

And finally, our fans astounded us amongst back upward of each novel collection video too projection past times sharing amongst their friends too offering congrats. We'll move out y'all amongst the video nosotros launched at the same fourth dimension in conclusion twelvemonth for the 2014 collection, too the video teaser nosotros simply released this month, for the 2015 collection. Cheers to about other wonderful year!

Mexico Calling - Seea 2014 Collection from The Seea on Vimeo.