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Falling inward Love amongst the Heart Shaped Island: Tavarua Island Resort

Photo past times Scott Winer courtesy of

Jamie Isbell had e'er wanted to become to Tavarua, too it was truthful beloved that finally brought her to the pump shaped isle inwards the middle of the Pacific Ocean to a greater extent than than xv years ago. At the fourth dimension that she was dating Rick, her before long to live on husband, she didn’t know his life’s go was edifice the Tavarua Island Resort.

“We had a dull courtship too despite beingness VERY “ into” him, I wasn’t certain nigh committing to a guy alongside such a transient lifestyle,” Jamie says of their early on relationship. “He surprised me alongside a beautiful banknote too a ticket i day. The repose I suppose is history.  The funny business office is, earlier nosotros fifty-fifty met, I had a savings concern human relationship devoted to a Tavarua trip.  I soundless haven’t spent the coin inwards at that spot — it’s sort of a “memorial” to our destiny.”

Home sweetness home. The Tavarua Island Resort. Photo courtesy of

Today, Jamie too Rick select raised their iii children constantly rotating betwixt Tavarua, visiting Hawaii (where Rick grew up), Seal Beach, California (where Jamie grew up) too United Mexican United States (because, why not?) — all non likewise shabby surf destinations. We’re super excited that Jamie chose Seea to live on sold at the beautiful Tavarua Island Resort. In betwixt working on a forthcoming exclusive collaboration style, nosotros caught upward alongside Jamie across the big bluish sea to notice out to a greater extent than nigh the special isle inwards the middle of the Pacific Ocean, too her experiences raising a household unit of measurement on it.

What was your foremost experience arriving inwards Tavarua? What did y'all autumn inwards beloved alongside correct away? 

My husband, Rick Isbell was born on the big isle of Hawaii too has been involved alongside Tavarua from the beginning.  He too his partners took over ownership inwards 1994.   It has been his life’s work.

My foremost Tavarua see changed my life forever. The warmth of the Fijians, their commitment to the isle too each other has altered the agency I encounter things. H5N1 pristine body of body of water too the awesome surf are exactly the icing!!  I married into this extraordinary life too experience really blessed to live on a business office of the Tavarua story.  My surfing begetter passed away inwards 1987 too at that spot are times that I experience he helped “direct” me to this identify inwards life.

Jamie paddling inwards her Seea Doheny rashguard! 

What kinds of waves are inwards Tavarua? Are they all skilful level? 

For the most part, the Tavarua breaks offering something for everyone.  Right out forepart nosotros select a piffling pause nosotros telephone band “Kiddie Land” that is really within of “Restaurants.” Even foremost timers tin give the sack select a neat fourth dimension there.  “Tavarua Rights” is a gentle correct hander, but it tin give the sack live on a flake to a greater extent than challenging alongside size.  It is a neat spot for gals that are progressing too fifty-fifty really experienced surfers select a boom there. “Rights” is my personal favorite.  “Cloudbreak” too “Restaurants” definitely require to a greater extent than science too experience.  That’s where the existent thrills are had, but depending on size too tides, they tin give the sack select friendly days every bit well.  Other fun breaks closer to Namotu Island are “Swimming Pools”, “Namotu Left” too “Wilks”.  There is sincerely something for everyone!

Famous Cloudbreak. Photo courtesy of 
Swimming Pools, a playful right. Photo courtesy of

What is the civilization of the Tavarua people? How is the civilization incorporated into the resort experience? 

Despite the missionary influences inwards Fiji, Fijians every bit a whole select maintained many aspects of their traditional culture.  They select embraced Christianity, but did non discard many of the ceremonies too practices of their ancestors. We select included indigenous architecture; art, nutrient too music into our resort experience too try to instruct our guests something nigh the history too legends of Tavarua.  We also select a proper ceremony where nosotros serve kava each week.  It is a legitimate ceremony to laurels special occasions or guests too is soundless a tradition inwards Fiji.  It is similarly exercise inwards Fijian villages throughout the dry soil too is frequently followed past times local food, dancing, too music.

The nutrient on Tavarua is a varied offering focusing on fresh, local ingredients.  We serve upward an international card alongside emphasis on local fresh fish, vegetables, too tropical fruits.

Dinner served inwards the opened upward air restaurant. Photo courtesy of

How was raising your household unit of measurement inwards Tavarua different from a childhood they would select had inwards America?

I select raised 2 daughters Meagan, 27 too Madison, 24 [in Tavarua] since they were nine too 11-years old. I am instantly raising my boy 10-year-old boy Trevor here, who has been coming hither since he was born.

My children select had really different experiences growing upward compared to a "typical American childhood”.  For one, they almost never vesture shoes!  ha!  They pass most of their gratuitous fourth dimension out doors or inwards the water.  They select been fully exposed to a really different civilization too I experience similar they select learned a greater appreciation for unproblematic things.   They are opened upward minded too easily screen unusual foods, customs, too ethnicities.  They pass almost no fourth dimension watching boob tube too really piffling fourth dimension alongside computers too other electronic media.  The figurer was too continues to live on integral inwards their didactics every bit they were/are homeschooled too fit alongside a teacher, have curriculum, too transportation assignments via the internet.  But when it comes to fun…the figurer is unopen down!

I also experience similar my children select acquired a unique might to socialize, non solely alongside their peers but alongside anyone.  With our guests too staff coming too going, I notice it interesting that all of my children are completely comfortable inwards various company.  Male, female, onetime or young, regardless of religion or color…my kids tin give the sack converse or play games alongside anyone!  I also believe that our agency of life has led to them beingness amazing travelers.

Both of my daughters select traveled the basis solo.  Many of their friends experience a flake intimidated past times unusual travel, specially to exotic locations, but I believe their Republic of the Fiji Islands experiences select made them savvy too capable travelers.

Jamie on a playful correct wave. Photo courtesy of
One of the Tavarua guests, Evie wears the Seea Palmas inwards Red Flower inwards Tavarua. Photo past times Scott Winer.

What is special nigh surfing alongside other women inwards Tavarua? 

In the early on days of the resort at that spot were really few surfing gals.  Times select changed inwards a wonderful way, too instantly nosotros non solely select surfing girls, nosotros select entire surfing families!

Without question, women convey a different unloose energy to the delineate of piece of occupation up.  My daughters too I select e'er coveted our sessions alongside other women.  Females seem to notice a unique residuum of camaraderie, playfulness, too exactly evidently charging!  All of my best sessions select had a dainty residuum of women inwards the water. We are the undercover ingredient for BIG fun!

What’s the vibe of the isle when the annual surfing competition comes into town? 

The competition is pretty crazy, but such a fantastic experience! I tin give the sack honestly state that I experience similar I’ve been able to lookout adult man foremost manus roughly of the best surfing inwards the world…EVER! !  The ASP squad along alongside media folks, photographic tv camera crews, back upward people too competitors add together a really different chemical factor to our park plan on island.

We were really happy to encounter the women come upward dorsum this twelvemonth subsequently a long absence.  I select e'er felt similar they deserved a special venue similar Tavarua too their talents are without enquiry create for the challenge! Regardless of Women’s or Men’s event, the contestants select named our competition i of their favorites twelvemonth subsequently year.  Not solely is the surf amazing, they really acquire an chance to hang out without the “circus” surround that other contests seem to generate.  It’s a unique too special fourth dimension on isle for sure. At the halt of the chaos nosotros experience similar a big family.

An aerial persuasion of the island. Photo courtesy of
Under the clear bluish water. Photo past times Russell Hoover courtesy of

What is the ideal flavor to become to Tavarua too why? 

That really depends on whom y'all ask.  Bigger surf is to a greater extent than mutual betwixt Apr too October, but atmospheric condition tin give the sack live on stellar betwixt Nov too March.  Weather patterns proceed to shift too nosotros are seeing all kinds of surprises these days.  Our bookings are constant throughout the twelvemonth alongside furnish guests each having their version of “ideal.”

What are roughly of the special experiences that y'all offering at Tavarua Resort that hold people coming back? 

Our place is genuinely spectacular! Our proximity to roughly of the world’s best surf too thriving Fijian sea life is different whatever other.  Our partnership alongside the Fijian staff too local villages is unparalleled. Nearly all of our staff members are related to i roughly other too many select been alongside us since the beginning. They are brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and/or children working together on island.  This household unit of measurement dynamic keeps our resort casual too cheerful. In many ways nosotros are to a greater extent than similar a fine bed too breakfast within a Fijian Village.

Our guests come upward from all over the basis too many select been regulars for over xx years!  Some select developed personal relationships alongside our staff too select straight contributed to their well-being. Once y'all experience life on this pump shaped island, y'all are never quite the same.  It’s exactly the Tavarua magic.

Can it acquire whatever ameliorate than gliding alongside dolphins? Photo courtesy of
Just relax hither forever. Photo courtesy of

Why is it of import to live on respectful to the dry soil every bit a foreigner? 

We select every bit many every bit lx locals living on the isle at whatever given time, but they all rotate dorsum to their villages on the mainland every bit well.

We are completely too totally respectful inwards Republic of the Fiji Islands too sympathize that nosotros are fortunate to live on living too working inwards this dry soil every bit a foreigner.  We adhere to all the local laws too protocols every bit good every bit honoring local traditions too propriety.  It doesn’t experience similar a sacrifice inwards whatever way.  It has been a total emersion agency for us to absorb this rare experience too affords us fantastic lessons inwards perspective.

How did y'all notice out nigh Seea? 

My wonderful immature lady gave a surf conform for Christmas. It was beloved at foremost sight!  Another fourth dimension I was inwards the H2O too i of our guests was wearing a rash guard…more LOVE!

That’s awesome! What suits create y'all vesture too how select they worked out inwards the Tavarua waters? 

I adore both the Palmas too Swamis surf suits too of course of instruction ALL of the rash guards.  Ease of vesture too Sun protection is primal inwards this tropical surround too the SEEA pieces are then comfortable!  My foremost favorite was the sleeveless rash guard because the boat neckline is broad too the arms rest then free.  Right instantly however, my favorites are everything inwards the 1mm neoprene.  It’s Fijian wintertime correct instantly too the soft cozy layer is perfect, but soundless neat looking!  I vesture them for surfing, diving, scuba, too stand upward up paddling!

Our guests’ reaction to SEEA inwards our isle boutique has been fantastic!  We’re all really excited to live on doing a special Tavarua edition!

Thanks Jamie! We’re excited likewise too can’t hold off to encounter to a greater extent than girls taste it inwards the Tavarua waters! 

Pure magic. Photo courtesy of