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DIY: How to Repaint a Surfboard alongside Ashley Johnston

Ashley repaints a longboard she institute at a board swap. 

Fellow garage sale, flea marketplace too thrift shop addicts — our homes are filled amongst vintage castaway furniture, quirky knick knacks too retro threads, amongst stories behind where too how nosotros discovered each piece.

One of our Seeababes, Ashley Johnston is no exception. Her latest detect was an former longboard that she picked upwards at a board swap. She genuinely had her oculus on a dissimilar board, but was swooped inward yesteryear an former uncle! The possessor didn't desire to disappoint her too pulled out a instant board too sold it to her for fifty-fifty less. The sun-tinted, dented too dinged upwards longboard had seen amend days but amongst a petty fighting of love, it even too then had a few to a greater extent than rides left inward it. Ashley showed us how she repainted it to larn inward her own.

Watch the brusk video below, too proceed going for the amount DIY instructions!

Gather what you'll need. 
Gather upwards all your materials: 
  • Mineral spirits to assistance build clean the board off
  • Sand paper: y'all desire to role a calorie-free or fine bird newspaper to exceptional everything. You don't desire to survive also harsh. 
  • Wax comb to scrape off the former wax
  • Pencil to grade where y'all desire to pigment the stripes
  • Painters record to grade off the striped zones
  • Old cloth to protect your operate infinite from unwanted pigment too the parts of the board y'all aren't paradigm on
  • Newspaper also to protect your operate infinite from unwanted pigment too the parts of the board y'all aren't paradigm on
  • Spray pigment colors. We used the matte every bit a personal preference. Don't forget the clear coat afterwards the color to brand certain the pigment stays on better. 
Step 1: Get into to a greater extent than or less operate wearing clothing too build clean off the board amongst the sandpaper. Here's the fourth dimension to repair whatever dings amongst Dominicus Cure too. 

Ashley cleans off the board. 
Clean off the former wax. 

Step 2: First color! For stripes or color blocking, record off the part of the board that y'all desire to pigment first. We started amongst the blue, the biggest part of the board. Get spraying. 

Ashley tapes off a department to paint. 
Spray paradigm the showtime coat. 
 Keep going! 
Step 3: Let it dry. Hang out. 

Watching pigment dry. 
Step 4: Hooray! Paint is dry. Tape too embrace upwards the business office y'all only finished (in our case, the blue) too then y'all tin pigment the residue of the board without getting whatever stray pigment on it. Spray pigment the instant color. We did the greenish olfactory organ next.

Finishing upwards the olfactory organ inward green. 
Step 5: DIY is to a greater extent than fun amongst friends. To practise the stripes on the tail, record off the parts that y'all desire to remain the base of operations color (the blue). The business office that is exposed volition survive spray painted amongst to a greater extent than or less other color. We did yellow. 

Taping off to a greater extent than or less stripes amongst the assistance of a friend.

Tape off the exceed of the board also to protect from spray pigment particles. 

Step 6: Spray pigment the stripes. Let them dry. If at that spot are to a greater extent than or less bumps or stone oil spots, y'all tin sandpaper them smoother. Apply the clear coat over the whole board at the end. 

Spray paradigm the stripes 
Step 7: You're done! Add a fin, wax it upwards too stimulate got it out for a glide.

The finished stripes. 
Add a fin. 

Ashley on her newly painted board, wearing the Riviera inward Sea Glass. Photo yesteryear Alex Swanson.