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Your One-Stop Surf, Swimsuits together with Coffee Shop inwards Bali: Drifter Surf Shop

Come hang out at the Drifter Bali Surf Shop! Photo yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.

Time as well as fourth dimension again, we’ve heard through the kokosnoot wireless that Seea’s coolest as well as enthusiastic fans inwards the Southern Hemisphere discovered us at Drifter Surf Shop inwards Bali. We’re honored that the fashionable women behind Drifter Bali chose Seea to hold upward a component of their gear upward identify unit of measurement as well as we've felt their positive surf community stoke reverberating through our Bali-traveler friends all the means to California. Let’s say that if nosotros lived inwards Bali, it would hold upward our kickoff halt to stock upward on wax, alternative upward our morning freshly footing java (or wheat grass shots, fresh juice, smoothies or milkshakes) as well as baked treats fresh out of the oven earlier hitting the beach.

The creators of Drifter Bali, Tim Russo as well as Jake MacKenzie opened the store inwards 2009 inwards Seminyak Bali, an expanse known for proficient restaurants as well as boutiques that’s too closed to the beach. Drifter Bali wanted to convey an independent spirit alongside the corporate surf labels that ruled the existent estate inwards Bali. “They wanted to exercise a infinite that would position the soul dorsum into surfing,” Seewah Russo, married adult woman of Tim Russo says on behalf of the creators.

Inside Drifter Bali. Photo yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.

The women’s department came out inwards 2011, with the aid of Tim as well as Jake’s pregnant others, Seewah Russo as well as Vanessa Mackenzie, who select an awesome fourth dimension together selecting their favorite swim as well as surf lifestyle brands for the body of body of water loving ladies of the island. The java store too opened that same year.

We caught upward with the Drifter Surf Shop creators to verbalize to a greater extent than virtually the origins of Drifter Surf Shop Bali as well as why Bali is a truthful piece of sky on earth.

What is the concept of the store?

Drifter is all virtually representing as well as housing the independent plant of those that are redefining a civilization as well as generation. Honoring the legends of the yesteryear who select set the foundations as well as who select given us the inspiration.

We aim to stand upward for a side of the surf civilization non marketed to the masses: brands based on inventiveness every bit their heart foundation; brands that award surfing for surfing; as well as unconditional fun as well as freethinking.

Drifter is a identify to chill as well as appreciate the clothing, the large library of manus selected books, artwork, surfboards, the myriad of memorabilia that nosotros collect, as well as our freshly footing espresso.

Maintaining a focus on quality, means as well as simplicity... Drifter encapsulates the feeling as well as provokes memories of the roots inwards what nosotros beloved to exercise as well as so much: surfing.

Outside the Drifter Bali store inwards Seminyak. Photo yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.
What are some of the stories behind the decorations inside the shop?

We are lucky to hold upward inwards Republic of Indonesia where nosotros tin source beautiful antique furniture. We select a actually skilled squad of builders as well as forest carvers who tin plough salvaged difficult woods into beautiful displays. And nosotros beloved collecting erstwhile surf memorabilia that brings us dorsum to some other time. The store is truthful to the variety of places nosotros similar to hang inwards — chilled out, rootsy, as well as heaps of proficient vibes.

Chill out with a book, or simply oogle the surfboards. Photos yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.

We are a fan of whatsoever identify that has ukeleles as well as succulent gardens inwards the same space. Photos yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.

For the women's department inwards particular, what variety of brands exercise you lot await for as well as why?

We alive inwards our bikinis hither as well as so nosotros know the importance of character swimwear. We are ever looking for amazing cuts from our favorite boutique swimwear designers as well as nosotros beloved independent brands similar Seea with really unique designs that await amazing on as well as tin totally usage inwards the surf every bit well.

How exercise you lot depict the surfer women you lot take in shopping at Drifter?

Adventurous, salty haired sea gypsies!

Recently at the Byron Bay Surf Festival, from left Seeababe Chrystal Fitzgerald with Seewah Russo as well as Vanessa Mackenzie, women's buyers for Drifter Bali.

What is the area's personality as well as civilization of the people who alive inwards Seminyak, where Drifter Bali is located? 

Seminyak is busy with an interesting mix of travelers as well as expats from to a greater extent than or less the world. I intend most expats tin wake upward here, outpouring inwards the ocean, fissure opened upward a fresh kokosnoot as well as realize how lucky they are to hold upward inwards living inwards Bali. Just abide by the locals! The Balinese believe inwards magic as well as karma rules. You go what you lot give.

Order upward at the java bar. Photo yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.

Where are the nearest places that you lot surf?

There’s basically a moving ridge at almost every beach on the southern E as well as W coasts of Bali. There’s waves for everyone hither from logging at Old Man’s to pulling out the guns at Uluwatu.

What exercise you lot intend is special virtually the global surf community inwards Bali?

Surfers inwards Bali actually exercise come upward from everywhere as well as are lucky to hold upward as well as so warmly welcomed yesteryear the locals hither since surfers kickoff started coming to this island.

What virtually the women's surf community — how is it special or dissimilar than inwards other parts of the world?

Bali is such a creative hub for artists, designers as well as women surfers as well as body of body of water lovers. This is an inspiring isle as well as many dreams as well as ideas are shaped here. We’ve seen some beautiful swim as well as surf labels come upward out of Bali from women inwards the surf community. There’s too some wonderfully talented people from this province skilled inwards dissimilar crafts as well as trades who tin actually aid to convey a designer’s sketches to life.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 photograph posted yesteryear Drifter Surf Shop (@drifterbali) on

How has Bali changed since you lot select been there? Is that for the improve or worse?

Bali has changed a lot since I’ve been hither for the concluding 5 years. Tim has seen fifty-fifty to a greater extent than alter every bit he’s been coming hither for almost 20 years. Sometimes I can’t believe how speedily changes seem to laissez passer on off simply overnight. We beloved listening to stories virtually Bali inwards the '70’s when the pioneers surfed Uluwatu or Padang Padang for the kickoff time.

Bali is similar a shot an increasingly pop finish at the minute with a newly built drome as well as returning as well as kickoff fourth dimension tourists arriving hourly. There volition definitely require to hold upward improvements to the infrastructure to back upward as well as so many visitors to this island.

The Balinese believe inwards Tri Hita Karana which is the belief of keeping harmony alongside people, harmony with God, as well as harmony with nature inwards residual for a life of good being.

Growth as well as evolution tin hold upward a proficient matter with positive benefits for the local community but I intend the primal is responsible increase that it is sustainable for the isle as well as the people that alive here.

Restock your quiver. Photo yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.

What are the most rewarding moments for you lot as well as the creators virtually running a surf shop?
I intend the boys are definitely stoked on their insane surfboard collection now! And how much our customers seem to genuinely beloved the shop. We beloved all the amazing people nosotros encounter along the way: body of body of water loving characters, living legends as well as slap-up friends who nosotros go to exercise trouble concern as well as part proficient times with.

Thank you lot Seewah as well as Drifter Bali creators! We are as well as so happy to hold upward connected with Drifter Bali across the globe yesteryear shared appreciation of means as well as beloved of surfing! 

Photo yesteryear Keegan Gibbs.