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Change the Way You Travel amongst Life inwards the Slow Lane

Melissa Connell aka "Life inwards the Slow Lane" amongst her Sunliner.

The scream of Melissa Connell’s spider web log (known past times her friends every bit “Liss”), “Life inwards the Slow Lane” actually says it all nearly the immature vagabond’s philosophy. We asked her nearly the favorite places that she’s traveled together with her respond volition brand yous recall twice nearly how yous experience your adjacent outing.

“I don’t go to ‘tick places off a list’. I prefer 'experiential travel,' cruising at my ain measuring together with immersing myself within dissimilar societies together with landscapes,” says Liss.

What’s neat nearly Liss’ indicate of persuasion is that recognizing beautiful experiences doesn’t accept to last inwards some far-fetched solid reason — living inwards the dull lane is everyday solid reason of mind. Born inwards Sydney amongst a mum who worked inwards a go agency, Liss traveled early on together with oftentimes that taught her to opened upward her eyes to the wonders all simply about her. “I was really aware of other cultures together with lifestyles together with I’ve carried that fascination together with abide by for other cultures into my adult life,” she says.

Beach day. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.
Driving from the Byron Bay Lighthouse. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

Life inwards the Slow Lane wearing the Seea Hermosa inwards Tea Leaf. Photo past times Grace Picot.

Liss’ electrical flow dwelling is wherever she parks her Sunliner — most of late inwards the Kimberley percentage of North Western Commonwealth of Australia together with forthwith inwards Byron Bay. We caught upward amongst Liss inwards betwixt her travels for her insights on living inwards the dull lane.

Mitchell Falls inwards the Kimberley, Australia. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

Where did yous acquire the thought for "Life inwards the Slow Lane" together with what does it hateful to you?

I came across the term 'slow travel' when I read Carl Honare's volume 'Slow - how a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed' a few years ago. I loved the thought of 'slow travel' - traveling non to 'get somewhere' together with 'tick places off a list', but rather to brand the journeying itself the traveling experience. I read nearly together with connected amongst the ‘slow’ movement - people who are shunning the electrical flow pop Western mentality of majority consumerism together with moral indifference inwards favor of the thought that everything has its ain fourth dimension (or ‘tempo giusto’). Some things require patience, fourth dimension together with commitment. ‘There is to a greater extent than to life than increasing its speed’ - wise words past times Gandhi.

The ‘fast lane’ to me is majority production; ane calendar week luxury holidays amongst lilliputian or no opportunities to interact amongst together with appreciate local culture; going overboard amongst scheduling people together with activities inwards an travail to squelch every bit much every bit possible into a day; tailgating the machine inwards front end inwards the promise that your aggressive approach volition acquire yous thirty seconds closer to your destination; eating most of your meals on the go, rather than sitting downwards to taste the flavour of the nutrient together with the privilege of eating nutrient when others are going without. Of course, many things tin last added together with this is simply my perspective on it all.

Kalbarri inwards Australia. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.
Now this is a camping ground set-up! Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

Where together with how did yous uncovering your Sunliner?

I researched into vintage caravans together with when I came across the Sunliner I knew that was the ane for me. It’s predominantly constructed from fibreglass, together with then it’s lightweight to tow. I looked for many months together with I e'er seemed to simply missy out. I eventually placed a ‘wanted’ advertizement on a vintage caravan forum online together with I received a fast answer from mortal who was considering putting it on the market. After searching for together with then many months for this van together with non compromising, it was such an amazing feeling when I finally owned it.

Liss inwards the Seea Hermosa! Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

What inspired yous to go simply about together with alive inwards it?

When our solid unit of measurement moved from the Sunshine Coast to Broome (during high schoolhouse years), nosotros traveled together with lived inwards a caravan. I brutal inwards dearest amongst the liberty of the van - pulling into carparks past times the bounding main together with falling asleep to the audio of the lapping waves. Then the adjacent day, we’re off! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 novel guide chances every day, or the ease of sticking simply about if nosotros loved a spot.

I'd yearned for many years to drive correct simply about Australia, together with through the center. I dreamed of opening my van's window at night, inwards the middle of nowhere, together with looking through the clear nighttime heaven upward into the universe. When the fourth dimension came to hitting the route I constitute it really piece of cake to order away together with sell almost everything I owned. It was an extremely liberating feeling, having everything that I owned packed into ane small-scale infinite together with available anytime I needed it. I experience a chip similar a turtle - traveling amongst my dwelling on my back!

Liss' onetime friend, Pepper. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

What produce yous recall people tin larn from living out of a van?

We larn to allow overstep of things together with to simplify. In a social club where nosotros are constantly advertised to together with many of us earn plenty coin to purchase almost anything nosotros like, sometimes it’s expert simply to larn to state ‘no’ to ourselves. Just because nosotros CAN accept it, doesn’t hateful nosotros NEED to accept it. I’ve too learnt a lot nearly character … should I purchase 10 inexpensive things of wretched quality, or shall I invest inwards ane well-made affair that volition in conclusion for years?

I recall that van life encourages us to delve a lilliputian deeper into our being. To discover. Participate. Appreciate. To order more. To hear more.

Liss' dwelling made an appearance inwards our Seea photoshoot! Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

Liss together with Chrystal Fitzgerald, wearing the Hermosa. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

There seems to last a movement of people who are embracing "#vanlife." Why produce yous recall that is correct now?

I actually experience that people are becoming disenchanted amongst their electrical flow debt-based lifestyles. People are searching for option ways to live: for to a greater extent than meaning, for to a greater extent than fourth dimension amongst loved ones, for genuine together with enduring happiness. I don’t recall that the electrical flow pop Western lifestyle promotes a happy together with salubrious mind.

Van life is freedom. It is beingness resourceful. It is cutting dorsum to the essentials. It is driving into a province of affairs together with parking yourself inwards the middle of it, to extract every bit much every bit yous tin from the experience. It is coming together novel people, experiencing novel landscape, discovering who yous are without the confines together with comfort of a solid together with a daily routine. I am withal to come across anyone who is unhappy that they accept chosen van life.

No bath agency yous gotta last resourceful when showering.. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

What advice produce yous accept for people living inwards a van?

If, similar me, yous don’t accept a bath inwards your van, invest inwards a portable hot H2O shower that yous tin purchase from a camping ground store. It’s e'er such a mission to uncovering a shower, together with hot showers tin last few together with far between!

Nice view, within together with out! Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

What are some of the favorite decorations inwards your van? What is the storey behind them?

I don't ain much, but I produce accept a few lilliputian bits together with pieces that I dearest - feathers, shells, flags together with some colorful cushions together with rugs.

Probably my favorite ornament is a actually onetime photograph of my Sunliner, which is inwards a frame together with came amongst the purchase of the van. I accept this painting exhibit on my Instagram. I dearest the history of my lilliputian van, together with I dearest that it has brought together with then much joy together with guide chances to the previous owners for the past times 55 years.

Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.

Could yous offering a go guide of some cool places inwards Commonwealth of Australia that yous visited inwards your van?

The coolest places that I’ve visited together with then far accept been actually isolated places. It was amazing to clit upward to an empty beach machine common inwards South Commonwealth of Australia together with scout a lone seal diving through the waves at sunset. Also, traveling through the Kimberley (North Western Australia) is heed blowing. I've traveled this remote percentage extensively over the years, together with it e'er captivates me. It's similar Australia's Africa. My folks alive there, together with then it has a especial house inwards my heart.

Melissa on a trip away from her van for a instant inwards Papau New Guinea, wearing the Seea Hermosa. Photo past times Grace Picot.
Swimming amongst creatures of the bounding main inwards Papau New Guinea. Melissa wears the Seea Hermosa. Photo past times Grace Picot.

Where produce yous consider yourself inwards v years? Still living the same way?

Five years fourth dimension ... I'm hoping to ain a lilliputian house inwards or nigh Byron Bay together with purpose it every bit a base of operations for my Australian together with overseas exploration. I'd dearest to overstep a go author for off the beaten rail destinations.

We accept no uncertainty that yous will! Thanks Liss for sharing your storey amongst us! 

Follow along amongst Liss' dull movement on her Instagram: @lifeintheslowlane 

Liss inwards Papau New Guinea. Photo courtesy of Life inwards the Slow Lane.
Double Hermosas! Life inwards the Slow Lane together with friend photographed past times Grace Picot.