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Seea on Set inwards Italy: Still waters, Iconic Italian Culture inwards Tuscany

Enjoying the yet waters of Tuscany.

Pretty much whatever surf trip is going amongst the period of time of the weather, as well as chasing the windswell to Sicily was the best window of surf nosotros got. Our side yesteryear side destination, Tuscany was nearly slowing downward to breathe inward iconic Italian hamlet culture. We hopped dorsum onto the ferry N to Tuscany, a portion known for an former the world pastoral countryside that yields swell nutrient as well as wine. Our sort of place! We stopped inward Bolgheri, a famous town total of nutrient as well as vino shops, brick houses as well as charming piffling hamlet shops.

Back on the ferry on the agency to Tuscany. Photo yesteryear Onde Nostre.
The Viale dei Cipressi that leads to Bolgheri. 

Upon arrival to Bolgheri, nosotros met upwards amongst some friends who accept businesses inward the area. Lorenzo Stefanini from Naïve store came to tell howdy as well as brought an awesome reddish Alfa Romeo for the girls to drive around. The scenery of the streets — live on it the people, buildings or walking on the route — had then much character.

Thanks Lorenzo for the ride! 
Tuscany roads are meant to live on driven upon inward a machine similar this. 
We enlisted some local models  in Bolgheri.
Bolgheri ladies know how to alive it up! Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin.
Seea's Belmont Romper, Maderas Shorts as well as Palmas worn amongst Italian street style. 
These colors! So good.
We also ran into former friend Luca Fiorini who has a actually cool eatery as well as concept store called Bolgheripiu, where nosotros had dinner as well as particularly drank a lot of local wine.

Welcome to Bolgheripiu! 
Inside the store of cool curated goods from local designers.

Dinner inward Bolgheri. 

The black nosotros stayed at the beautiful Casale del Mare an agriturismo amongst horses vineyards as well as bounding main view.

Tuscany's countryside actually wowed us. Northern California has vineyards as well as expansive agricultural landscapes, for sure, only the Seeababes were stunned yesteryear the beauty of the land, the grapheme of the people as well as rock wall buildings.

“My favorite location of the whole trip was driving through the vino vineyards, inward Tuscany, amongst all the girls inward the machine as well as everything was golden from the Sun setting. It was similar a scene from a classic film,” Mele says.

Tuscany won Jenayl over too. “Tuscany was my favorite place, I felt similar I was walking into a flick set. It was quaint as well as stunning as well as everyone, fifty-fifty the locals were inward melody amongst the beauty as well as appreciation of what is was all about,” Jenayl says. “One of my favorite observations of Italia was that when friends as well as couples would become out, it seemed everyone dressed amongst degree as well as was out to taste each other's fellowship as well as accept a proficient time. Everyone walks everywhere as well as you lot tin tell they are breathing inward the beauty as well as civilization of Italy!"

View from our room inward the Casale Del Mare.
A piffling fleck of pelting this fourth dimension of year. 
The typical weather condition at the destination of summertime inward Italia is cloudy as well as rainstorms, then nosotros enjoyed breakfast during the pelting as well as equally shortly equally it stopped nosotros went see Andrea Nacci, proficient friend, swell surfer as well as possessor of Bagni Nettuno, a historical riviera beach, the side yesteryear side location for our photoshoot.

There tin live on waves at this spot that are quite fun, only when nosotros were at that spot it was glassy as well as completely apartment then the girls went for a “pattino” ride inward the lifeguard vehicle. Between shots, nosotros cozied upwards amongst sweaters as well as denim jackets wearing the beautiful jewels from Ines Susaeta.

The unimitable Andrea Nacci as well as his quiver similar no other. 
Even amongst no waves, the sentiment is worth it. 
Calm destination of summer. 
Jewels yesteryear Ines Susaeta.
We wrapped upwards the trip amongst goodbye photograph as well as fifty-fifty a few tears equally nosotros parted ways. Special thank you lot to all our friends who showed us their favorite hidden gems inward Italy, as well as our crew that made this an unforgettable trip!

Thanks to the guys who were awesome tour guides as well as go companions.

That's a wrap!