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Seea on Set inwards Italy: Following the Wind from Florence to Sicily!

How nosotros roll. Seea inwards Italy! 

Why did nosotros alternative Italy, of all coastlines inwards the the world to accept the Seeababes for the 2015 photoshoot? As the homeland of designer Amanda Chinchelli, Italian tile architecture, striped beach umbrellas too colors of ruby vino were an inspiration, therefore Sicily too Tuscany felt similar the perfect backdrops for the patterns too colors of the novel collection.

Capturing the distinct civilisation of Italy’s historic cobblestone streets too romantic former the world countrysides — gorgeous! No problem. Looking for waves, however, made the trip into a crazy mission total of surprises too serendipitous encounters along the way. Come along on our hunt for waves too all the twists too turns that brand traveling an addictive experience.

Mele too Jenayl at the Ponte Vecchio inwards Florence. 

First stop: California Seeababes Mele Saili too Jenayl Peters brand it inwards Florence! We spent the solar daytime taking them to consider some of the famous places inwards Florence too and therefore planned our side yesteryear side move.

Seeababes inwards Florence! Jenayl wears the Laguna Pant too Mele wears the Windansea shirt. 
Seeababes inwards Florence! Jenayl wears the Laguna Pant too Mele wears the Windansea shirt.

Seeababes inwards Florence! Jenayl wears the Laguna Pant too institute an admirer.

The dandy inwards Italy is real theme on active wind. Supposedly Tuscany had bad atmospheric condition merely waves all summer. When nosotros got there, the atmospheric condition was finally normal summertime loveliness, merely no waves.

An instance of the Italian current of air directions from Bagni Nettuno. 

We checked amongst the Onde Nostre crew (stylish insiders of the Italian surf scene too filmmakers) too primary current of air reader Alessandro Ponzanelli aka Nelly too decided to become south. Alessandro is a Bing squad rider, our go-to surf guide, wonderful video too photograph assistant, addition a cute babysitter for Annabel!

From Florence all the agency to Sicily! Map courtesy of 
The long journeying to Sicily. Photo yesteryear Mele Saili.
Map of Sicily. We headed for the eastern coast. 

After a nighttime ride inwards the sketchiest ferry directed to Tunisia nosotros arrived to Palermo too and therefore drove to Catania to banking concern stand upward for the start spot. It was super windy merely no waves. What to do? Like truthful Italians, nosotros had a wonderful seafood tiffin too white wine.

“Italy is a real beautiful culture. Everything is therefore inspiring whether it was the art, architecture, food, or fifty-fifty the people themselves. Each purpose holds a stoic feel of pride too lineament that I haven't institute anywhere else I've traveled,” Mele says of her start fourth dimension inwards Italy.

Lunch inwards Catania. 

On the agency to Siracusa, nosotros stopped at a beautiful beach surrounded yesteryear lemon trees. It was made for photos at sunset. Some mini waves were happening too the girls tested the start warm seawater on the Mediterraneo!

First sunset inwards Sicily. 
Shooting inwards the lemon champaign at sunset. Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin. 
Shooting inwards the lemon champaign at sunset, stylist Betta Dal Bello makes certain the wardrobe looks its best. Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin. 
First waves inwards Sicily! 
Filming inwards Sicily. Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin.

Exhausted, nosotros spent the nighttime at the awesome Hotel Gutkowski. too spent the nighttime walking the alleys of Syracusa, a magical experience that felt similar stepping dorsum inwards time.

Welcome to the Hotel Gutkowski. Photo yesteryear Jenayl Peters.
Inside the Hotel Gutkowski. 
Betta does her styling magic inwards the Hotel Gutkowski. 
Master current of air reader too cute babysitter, Alessandro Ponzanelli. 
Inspiration is all roughly you. The patterns on the flooring of the Hotel Gutkowski. 
The side yesteryear side solar daytime nosotros woke upward amongst beautiful sunrise of Ortigia too and therefore institute some waves inwards the beach of Noto. With some active wind, it was soundless fun. No affair what your argue is for beingness inwards Italy, sitting downward for a repast amongst friends is a highlight every day, particularly tasting all the dissimilar foods of each region. After surfing inwards Noto, nosotros institute granita too brioche to snack on!

It doesn't teach whatsoever ameliorate than this. Sunrise inwards Ortigia. 
Sunrise inwards Ortigia. 
Arriving inwards Noto. The color of the H2O is unreal! 
Stylist Betta Dal Bello organizing the looks inwards Noto. 
Seeababes at the beach of Noto. 

Next stop, Isola delle Correnti. Too bad it was completely flat, merely nosotros institute this awesome guy who was selling zucchini out of his Fiat Ape too asked him for a ride. How could he tell no to us? :)

You can't brand this up. Style for days. Thanks for the lift! Photo by Ale Ponzanelli.
Hello Isola delle Correnti!

Riding this sweetness mobile inwards Isola delle Correnti. Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin.
Just cruising roughly Isola delle Correnti.

The crew difficult at work. Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin.

Stuffed amongst the best rice arancini (typical fried rice balls from Sicily) nosotros made to some other beach roughly the corner amongst some proficient size messy waves too the girls showed off amongst agency how its done!

After such a long journey, to finally detect waves was a blessing. "In Italy, yous hold off for a windswell too yous promise to teach lucky when you arrive at the identify where the windswell was supposed to hit," Jenayl says.

"The background of the waves were a stunning sight to see, merely fifty-fifty if the waves aren't perfect, everyone is stoked to have something to surf. It was fun to experience that stoke out in that location with the other Italian surfers, who seemed pretty excited that people came from California to surf inwards Sicily!"

Mele says, "the Italians appreciation for surfing is what was the most inspiring. Traveling close xx hours downward the entire province to detect a moving ridge made me appreciate the consistency too multifariousness of waves nosotros receive got hither inwards California. Italian surfers receive got a special driven honey for the sea, because it takes dedication to pursue this sport inwards a province amongst such fickle surfing conditions."

Finally nosotros teach some waves! Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin.
Mele inwards the Tofino. Photo yesteryear Onde Nostre. 

Filming from the beach. Photo yesteryear Cristian Corradin.

The finally solar daytime nosotros explored roughly Syracusa, hung out inwards the terrace of the hotel too indulged inwards some to a greater extent than arancini. "The thing I tell people most close the trip was how proficient the nutrient was. Easily the best I've always had," Mele says.

Stay tuned for Part II of our Italian Adventure. From Sicily, nosotros caput to the Tuscany vineyards! And to a greater extent than nutrient too wine, of course. :)

Mele inwards the middle of an Italian lesson on the terrace. 
Syracusa style! Jenayl, Betta too Mele inwards Italian fashion. 
The streets of Syracusa. Photo yesteryear Onde Nostre.