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Fashion together with Performance: Seea 2014 Neoprene Collection

The Seea Carmel Neoprene One-Piece.

Stay warm, paddle comfortably as well as await amazing inward Seea’s newest neoprene collection! We paid attending to all the details that surfer ladies take away to practise the ultimate functional summertime wetsuit wardrobe that likewise exudes sophistication as well as grace.

This collection is exclusively available at inward express quantities hence don’t allow this railroad train endure past times yous by. Here’s a closer await at to a greater extent than or less of the styles. Click on your favorite 1 to larn it!

One Singular Sensation: Carmel Neoprene One-Piece

Seea’s signature Hermosa sweetheart neckline meets a zip-front 2mm neoprene one-piece inward The Carmel! This classy, feminine as well as refreshing blueprint seamlessly incorporates functional details. The heavy duty zipper goes right away to the elevation hence the delineate tab doesn’t dig into the chest. And smoothen pare prophylactic torso way less air current chill as well as surf wax mess getting stuck into the fabric. The bikini cutting bottom is a fleck cheekier than the traditional boyshort on boundary suits, but nonetheless modest. Let your unique trend shine through inward the The Carmel's construct clean design!

The Seea Carmel Neoprene One-Piece. 
The Seea Carmel Neoprene One-Piece featuring Seea embroidery.

Versatile for Sunny Days to Chilly Evenings: The Rincon Neoprene Jacket

The Rincon 2mm neoprene zip-up jacket is merely the correct amount of warmth yous take away over your swimsuit for those hot — but non quite sizzling — sunny days. Create your ain wetsuit wardrobe past times pairing The Rincon 2mm neoprene jacket alongside pants equally a prettier option to the lite total adapt when the temperature dips. Similar to the Carmel One-Piece, the Rincon features slick neoprene on the chest, matte jersey neoprene on the arms as well as within placket for extra comfort spell laying on your board.

The Seea Rincon Neoprene Jacket.
The Seea Rincon Neoprene Jacket.
The Seea Rincon Neoprene Jacket.
The Seea Rincon Neoprene Jacket.
The Seea Rincon Neoprene Jacket.

Filling the Missing Link: The Marina Neoprene Pant

Cover upward your stems alongside leggings that convey 2mm neoprene warmth. The high waistline of The Marina pant doesn’t dig into your skin, double layered articulatio genus pads offers paddling comfort, addition it’s super tardily to larn on as well as off when those extra minutes count. Style it alongside your favorite bikini elevation or sideslip on The Rincon Jacket for maximum warmth during transitional weather.

The Seea Marinoa Neoprene Pants. 

The Seea Marina Neoprene Pants. 
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