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Mele Somewhere inward Mexico.

When the Seeababes aren't playing inwards the ocean, they alive for exploring as well as creating art! Go behind the lens of Seeababe as well as photographer Luki O'Keefe as she discovers novel points of persuasion Somewhere inwards United Mexican U.S.A. with Mele Saili.

Stay tuned for to a greater extent than photograph stories shot past times Luki of her far-fetched travels as well as everyday life approximately Southern California!

All photos past times Luki O'Keefe for Seea.

Mele wears The Riviera One-Piece inwards Sea Glass as well as Seea neoprene jacket, novel styles coming soon! 

Shop Mele's One-piece suit, The Riviera. Look out for novel neoprene jacket coming soon!