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The Land Of: Searching for waves as well as a operate inwards Thailand alongside Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald

The Land Of mini spider web serial on Vimeo.

Ocean too hammock fourth dimension — that’s typically top of the agenda for whatever surf vacation. In the documentary miniseries The Land Of, Seeababe Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald too a grouping of surfers showed that your soul could do goodness from spending that remaining fourth dimension inwards betwixt doing purposeful pursuits inwards the house where you’ve landed.

Filmmaker Stefan Hunt concocted the sentiment for the three-part spider web serial filmed inwards Thailand. He described his goals of this independently produced passion project: “I approached this projection with a uncomplicated goal. To illustrate that traveling with a operate too having a positive impact — no affair how large or modest — is achievable for everyone. You only gotta do it,” Stefan says.

Chrystal carries boards from the beach inwards the spider web miniseries, The Land Of. 
Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald inwards Thailand. 

Throughout the three-part series, Chrystal, her hubby Joel Fitzgerald too travelers Ed Worland, Jack Entwistle too Nick Riley catch dissimilar regions of Thailand to connect with the locals on a deeper degree whether its drawing with kids at an orphanage or working with Waves for Water distributing build clean H2O filters. Chrystal gave us her firsthand sense of how she got involved with the film.

By Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald

Stefan Hunt contacted Joel too I too asked us if nosotros would similar to hold upward a role of a projection that would create got us to Thailand to assist children who had been affected past times the seismic sea wave [in 2004]. Both Joel too I create got a large pump for children too humanitarian assistance work, nosotros said yes too with inwards a month's fourth dimension met the squad inwards Thailand.

This was my maiden of all trip e'er to Thailand too then I didn't know what to expect. I did secretly promise nosotros would acquire surf, every bit nosotros traveled in that location during a fourth dimension of yr exterior of Thailand's swell flavor too nosotros carried seven boards betwixt us.

Some of the scenery roughly Thailand, photographed past times Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald.

Thailand has a really mixed grouping of communities too lifestyles from what I experienced. Buddhist, Christians, Muslim too other types of religions are practiced nearly adjacent too in that location is a cracking sense of honour betwixt them. In the areas nosotros visited, many people had a fearfulness of the ocean, the children beingness the most afraid having had some traumatic experiences with the 2004 tsunami. We did encounter a few sea keen Thai, alongside them were fishermen too a handful of Thai-Rastafarians on the outer islands close the boarder with Burma.

Surfing is non really good known exterior of Phuket, too nosotros encountered alone a modest grouping of surfers on the islands. There are a few ex-pats roughly enjoying the empty line-ups, soundless to most Thai people, surfing is a novel thing that is only starting fourth dimension to grab on.

Chrystal, crew too locals acquire explore on a boat.

The maiden of all Chapter of The Land of, follows Joel too I at the Bann Santisuk Orphanage inwards Phang Nga. During our rest at Bann Santisuk nosotros were involved inwards a edifice projection at the orphanage too also spent fourth dimension with the children, playing, surfing, studying, coloring too beingness a role of their lives. It was a wonderful sense too made me actually grateful for my life, aware of the departure nosotros tin each brand too also tore at my heart. Each of the children were special too unique, each a brave soul, each a shining light. It was challenging to larn of their stories, too made me realize how lucky I am. Every kid is supported past times donations too then that is something nosotros tin maintain to do to help.

The Land Of - Chapter One from Stefan Hunt on Vimeo.

Getting exterior of the tourist bubble or trap is vital to having existent life experiences too genuine human connections. From my ain personal sense it is when nosotros leave of absence the guidebooks behind too leave of absence alongside it all that the adventures happen. Starting with the goal of the marketplace position or the landmark too ending upward at a dorsum yard BBQ, on a boat trip, coming together novel people, having unplanned experiences. When nosotros permit ourselves to utilisation the universal linguistic communication of laughter, smiles, too paw gestures to limited ourselves too trust our intuition miracles happen. Through this trust nosotros motility from the pre-packaged average trip to the especial too unforgettable journey.

Hanging out at the orphanage. 

In my sense in that location is too then much skillful too meaningful living happening too people inwards the world. Sharing too telling stories close people who are taking the fourth dimension to connect too give dorsum matters. These stories non alone assist to prepare too inspire others to Pb fifty-fifty to a greater extent than purposeful lives, they also spread the skillful intelligence inwards the world, which is vital. These stories give us promise too assist us to believe inwards novel possibilities for ourselves too the basis at large. It is from hope, faith too dear that I consider the basis changing.

The Land Of - Chapter Three from Stefan Hunt on Vimeo.

Coastal Thailand. 

My advice [for someone who wants to acquire involved inwards a projection piece traveling] is to follow your heart. Pray close it, inquire yourself what yous are interested in, what matters to you, too figure out why it matters. Our self volition is i of the most powerful tools for transformation that nosotros have. Once yous create got an idea, acquire online if yous create got access to a computer, Google the expanse yous are going too consider the needs there. Connect via the web, church, non for net orgs, other surfers, or people inwards the expanse past times only reaching out.

Another cracking agency to acquire involved is to acquire inwards at your goal too inquire the locals where in that location is need, it may hold upward someone who needs something translated, a days piece of job helping a family acquire built, fields tending — a modest donation of fourth dimension too unloose energy tin acquire a long way. When yous extend your hand, trust that all volition hold upward okay. The people yous demand to run across volition appear. Waves for Water is also a cracking agency for surfers traveling to remote areas to assist out.

Shakas, a universal language.

There is too then much I took away from beingness inwards Thailand, the master copy betoken beingness that everything nosotros do matters. We are living really privileged lives inwards the western basis too sometimes it’s slowly to forget that our choices impact existent people. Travel is a luxury, too privilege, beingness fifty-fifty to a greater extent than aware of how nosotros tin give dorsum too tread lightly on our journeys actually does assist our basis to hold upward an fifty-fifty amend place.

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