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Kauai Juice Co.'s drinkable cures for post-surf hydration, a hangover or beating a cold

Seeababe Ashley Johnston at Kauai Juice Co. 

Like a salad inwards a bottle, a fresh juice tin brand you lot experience your best earlier paddling out, together with is a means to dearest together with nourish your trunk later a sweaty session.

Our latest juice obsession is Kauai Juice Co., a novel store that makes it slowly to lead the correct juice blend for what your trunk needs. Seeababe together with Kauai, Hawaii resident Ashley Johnston got a tour of the local juice store that uses locally sourced vegetables together with cold-pressed juicing method.

Unlike the boxed juices at grocery stores that purpose flash-pasteurization (this sterilizes the juice together with destroys the alive enzymes together with nutrients), Kauai Juice Co uses the mutual coldness pressed method amongst the Norwalk Press. This leaves all the vital nutrients together with enzymes intact for ii to 4 days, allowing your trunk to absorb them efficiently. Each drinkable is packed amongst 3 to vi pounds of veggies!

Read on for Kauai Juice Co.’s pinnacle blends for a quick boost of energy, cleaning out your gut, together with getting over a mutual coldness bug.

Mainlanders: endeavour these combos out at dwelling if you lot receive got your ain juicer, or asking these blends at your local cold-pressed juice bars.

Order up! Ashley picks out her juices for the day. 

To brand your morn java healthier… The Best Breakfast. Macadamia milk, cashew milk, mutual coldness brewed coffee, cacao, agave, Hawaiian vanilla bean, Hawaiian bounding main salt.

"If you lot drinkable java on a regular reason you lot should endeavour mutual coldness brew coffee. It’s a small, slowly alter that tin receive got big effects on your health. Cold brewed java is 67% less acidic thus hot brewed coffee. Disease together with infection flourish inwards acidic environments thus its of import non to allow your trunk larn one. Cold brewed java is besides to a greater extent than concentrated inwards caffeine. One ounce of mutual coldness brew has every bit much caffeine every bit eight ounces of hot brew. It gives a long lasting, non-jittery liberate energy buzz. Combined amongst macadamia nuts, cashews together with alkaline metal water, the best breakfast volition operate along you lot satisfied together with energized good into dejeuner time."

Photo courtesy of Kauai Juice Co. 

The shot you lot should ever receive got inwards your fridge: The Lifesaver: Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Hawaiian Chili Pepper

"This shot has such a strong mix of medicinal ingredients that null bad tin flourish inwards it. It tin supercede 90% of the products inwards your medicine cabinet. Ginger together with turmeric solitary tin live used to care for a multitude of wellness issues. They amend digestion, cut nausea, gas, constipation, bloating, together with cramps. Garlic together with chili peppers get cardiovascular circulation, cut pump disease, together with detoxify the blood. This mix is strong medicine for whatever ails you, together with it volition besides ambit you lot gorgeous skin."

If you're feeling a mutual coldness coming on… The Lifesaver Shot (above) together with The Glow: Kale, Chard, Romaine, Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Apple, Lemon, Ginger.

"Lack of liberate energy is commonly a sign that nosotros are deficient inwards around vital nutrient. One of the best ways to increment nutrient intake together with boost your immune organisation is to consume lots of raw vegetables. The glow contains 4 pounds of local, organic greens inwards each bottle, amongst merely a hint of sweetness together with tart. When your trunk is good nourished, together with hydrated, it tin perform optimally together with you lot receive got the liberate energy to pursue your wildest dreams."

Kauai Juice Co. uses fresh veggies. 
Robin Fisher together with possessor Kristal Veighl of Kauai Juice Co. Photo yesteryear Bryce Johnson.

To cleanse your gut together with boost your metabolism…The Omega. Pineapple, guava, sour sop, kokosnoot water, chia seeds, fractionated kokosnoot oil.

"Fractionated kokosnoot crude oil is 1 of the most easily absorbable sources of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which render innumerable wellness benefits. One unique characteristic of MCT crude oil is that is has the mightiness to interruption downward the hardened mucous together with plaque that cast on the within of our intestinal walls every bit a final result of stress, processed foods, together with toxins. The average individual has 5-10 pounds of this toxic waste materials stewing inwards their belly. MCT crude oil breaks it downward together with escorts it out of your trunk leaving you lot feeling straight off lighter together with to a greater extent than energized.

MCT crude oil besides gives you lot to a greater extent than liberate energy inwards the long run because you lot tin larn to a greater extent than nutrients out of your nutrient in 1 lawsuit all that toxic waste materials is out of the way. Our favorite business office close MCT crude oil is it's mightiness to betoken to your encephalon that your trunk has all the necessary fats together with inwards answer your trunk releases its stored fat. It’s the contrary of starvation mode. Chia seeds render protein, soluble together with insoluble fiber, omega threes, calcium, magnesium, together with phosphorus. All promoting bone, oral, together with encephalon health."

To Defeat the hangover... The Blood Transfusion: Coconut water, E3live, lemon, together with beet.

"Did you lot know that Coconut H2O is identical to your blood plasma? Coconut H2O has fifty-fifty been used every bit an emergency substitute for IV solutions. The molecular construction of E3live (is a strain of wild, organic, bluish light-green algae) is identical to hemoglobin (red blood cells). We combine these amongst a splash of lemon together with beet juice to increment circulation, thus you lot larn a consummate blood transfusion within minutes."

Drink up! Ashley wears the Seea Riviera inwards Seaglass. 

For optimal athletic performance… The Mo Beta. Beet, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger, beets.

"All ingredients are high inwards Fe together with naturally occurring nitrites. These nitrites increment a molecule inwards the blood vessels called nitric oxide, which increases blood menstruation together with oxygen flow. This results inwards increased stamina together with endurance, together with decreased recovery time. Beets besides enhance hemoglobin levels, lower blood pressure, together with residuum oxygen menstruation allowing the trunk to live its most efficient. Beets besides cleanse the blood of toxins. Beets are an underappreciated super nutrient together with should live a business office of anyone’s diet if they desire to perform optimally."

After a hot surf session... The Mintacolada: Pineapple, kokosnoot H2O together with mint.

"Electrolyte-rich Coconut H2O is a slap-up means to rehydrate later exercise. Pineapple is high inwards Manganese, a micronutrient that is necessary for salubrious bones together with connexion tissue, to manage avoid knee articulation together with shoulder injuries. We toss inwards mint, which makes it deadly delicious, together with is besides known to amend mental clarity, preserve depression, together with clarify your pare together with eyes."

Ashley, energized for her session. Photo yesteryear Alex Swanson. 
Don't forget the post-surf juice! Photo yesteryear Alex Swanson.

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