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Seea + Surfboards = Amazing Surfable Works of Art

The Furrow 10 Seea fish. 
Think Seea’s signature elegant agency applied to the uniquely graceful aesthetics of board pattern past times respected California-based shapers in addition to y'all cash inward one's chips Seea custom one-of-a-kind surfboards that are really plant of art.

Honoring our surfcraft companions that convey us in addition to hence much joy in addition to the shapers who lovingly practice them, every board inward this novel seasonal collection is a creative collaboration amongst Seea’s favorite shapers.

The starting fourth dimension custom one-of-a-kind boards inward the seasonal serial are by Christine Brailsford of Furrow Surfcraft who won us over amongst her grom-like stoke, humble mental attitude in addition to minimalist aesthetic.

Seea 10 Furrow surfboard amongst hand-painted fine art past times Mele Saili.

Christine sands the Seea 10 Furrow fish at Shaper's Studio's termination before this year. 

Click here to cash inward one's chips the whole scoop on the collection in addition to store the boards!

Get to know Christine amend inward our recent interview with her, in addition to depository fiscal establishment fit out our recap of the event at Shaper's Studios where she set the finishing touches on the California fish.