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From 1 out of the box surf lifestyle household unit of measurement to ours, Summer Nelson joins Seea!

Summer Nelson wearing the Hermosa inward Salinas, Ecuador. 

While other kids were spending their childhood summertime vacations going to Disneyland or the Grand Canyon, Summer Nelson was ofttimes packed into a four-wheel-drive motorhome amongst her parents together with 7 brothers en road betwixt Southern California together with Baja, Mexico, amongst surfboards together with a catamaran trailer inward tow.

“I intend that this lifestyle non alone nourished the surfer inward me, but it also taught me that it's ok to alive out of the box,” Summer reflects on her untraditional upbringing. “In fact at that topographic point was a clear message to remain every bit far away from the box every bit possible.”

As a tertiary generation of Southern California surfers —her grandfather, Phil Nelson was a fellow member of the San Onofre Surf Club since its founding inward the 1930's — Summer continues to alive past times her family’s teachings together with carving a career path that’s fueled past times passion for the ocean.

Join us inward welcoming Summer every bit the newest add-on to the Seea identify unit of measurement every bit Global Accounts Manager! We are thrilled to receive got Summer every bit our start official total fourth dimension employee. Not alone is she a proficient surfer herself, Summer has an innate agreement of our cook philosophy together with sales approach that stems from her retail background every bit a buyer at Surfy Surfy. Her fourth dimension at the International Surfing Association has also prepared her good for her role every bit our Global Accounts Manager. When nosotros launched Seea inward 2011, Summer was i of our master supporters, thus it feels slap-up to receive got her dorsum inward this critical role every bit nosotros pioneer the hereafter together.

Nelson identify unit of measurement camping ground somewhere simply about Mexico.

Summer took us dorsum to her childhood growing upward amongst 7 brothers, a stint going “troppo” inward Republic of Costa Rica for 4 years together with why she ended upward dorsum inward her domicile of Southern California.

What’s your identify unit of measurement history inward Southern California together with San Onofre? 

My great-grandfather lived inward San Francisco during the gilded rush. He was an itinerant mining engineer together with assayer (this is a rattling technical term) who worked his agency from the dakotas through Colorado together with Nevada ending upward inward San Francisco at the plough of the century.  The 1906 earthquake wiped out his describe organisation together with he moved to Pasadena where he was married together with had my granddaddy Phil.

My grandfather, Phil Nelson was a fellow member of the San Onofre Surf Club since its founding inward the 1930's together with he truly met my grandmother at that topographic point inward the water. She was i of the brave few women who paddled out on a wood board that was every bit good heavy for her to elevator together with had no leash. When I was a kid together with my granddaddy would tell us those stories. We would inquire him why he brutal inward dear amongst grandma together with I think that he would say, “When she walked downwards the beach, she made the cutest petty footprints inward the sand.”

What role did surfing play inward your life every bit you lot were growing up? 

I would honestly tell that my identify unit of measurement is a bunch of eccentrics who dear the sea inward an incurable agency to the indicate of obsession at times.  My granddaddy was non alone a surfer, but he was a test-flight engineer for Lockheed Martin together with worked on catamaran pattern on the side. Before heading domicile from piece of work inward L.A. to Orange County, he would skid out of his describe organisation arrange inward the backseat of his automobile together with halt off for a bodysurfing session at Huntington Beach. I think my granddaddy explaining to me details of hydrodynamics when I was a kid. I paid attending every bit best every bit I could because I respected him thus much. I experience similar things that he said sunk into my encephalon together with stuck.

Right, Summer's granddaddy Phil Nelson sailing together with right, amongst his wood surfboard. 
Left, Summer's parents inward their natural element. Right, the motorhome life. 

What was it similar growing upward amongst 7 brothers?

I receive got i blood brother who is younger than me but the residue are older. It was similar growing upward inward a wolf pack inward many ways. I had to go quick together with clever whatever fourth dimension nutrient was involved, things similar that. I was the identify unit of measurement grommet. My brothers never treated me similar a princess, they treated me similar their equal (though at that topographic point was a solid pecking monastic enjoin inward place) together with that sure enough shaped part of my personality.

You spent some fourth dimension living inward Republic of Costa Rica after high school. What initially brought you lot there? 

I start traveled to Republic of Costa Rica inward the twelvemonth 2000. After 4 years of studying Spanish, I wanted to fully immerse myself inward the language. With United Mexican U.S. of A. beingness a familiar territory, heading a petty farther S seemed natural. I brutal inward dear amongst Republic of Costa Rica afterward visiting a twosome times together with I injure upward doing some volunteer piece of work on a farm inward the Southern Pacific zone that grows bamboo for sustainable edifice projects.

I cannot get down to pull the peace that you lot experience spell working inward the middle of a bamboo wood on the top of a mount inward Costa Rica. That was where I start heard the discussion "permaculture" together with started reading Bill Mollison's books on permaculture pattern principles. I institute out nigh some other farm nearby that was designed together with operating every bit an organic permaculture farm called "Finca Ipe" amongst extensive gardens, aquaculture together with medicinal plants inward production. I did a programme at that topographic point together with spent the side past times side twelvemonth studying, working together with surfing, of course.

Just some other twenty-four threescore minutes stream inward Costa Rica. 

How did you lot come upward to remain at that topographic point together with why? 

I think i twenty-four threescore minutes stream sitting together with chatting amongst the farm owner, Greg inward the open-air bamboo describe solid where I lived. I intend the words that came out were something like, "If I had the money, I'd purchase a slice of this farm from you lot together with alive here.” That's precisely what ended upward happening. I came dorsum to California for a few years to work, returned to Republic of Costa Rica inward 2006 together with purchased a lot on Finca Ipe. I was 23 years old. I lived at that topographic point for 4 to a greater extent than years inward a little describe solid on my land, surfed every twenty-four threescore minutes stream together with taught surfing inward partnership amongst South Wave Surf Shop inward Playa Dominical to cook a living.

Summer teaches surfing inward Costa Rica. 

What were some of the pros/cons of living inward Costa Rica?

I can’t tell plenty skilful materials nigh Costa Rica. There are to a greater extent than skilful waves than you lot could reasonably know what to practice with. It is thus lush together with rich inward biodiversity. They receive got the largest pct of protected areas inward the world. Republic of Costa Rica also has no national footing forces which is noteworthy. They are a decidedly peaceful people.

If I had to indicate out whatever negatives, I would tell it’s slowly to become "troppo" amongst the lack of boundaries together with social norms simply about you lot every bit a basic construction for life.  People tin displace definitely become off on a tangent downwards at that topographic point together with nil or no i is at that topographic point to halt them. It's a 2 edged sword, its wild together with free, but you lot receive got to go able to larn by that. Also, it rains Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 LOT during roughly 4 months of the twelvemonth dumping pelting for days on end.

Summer inward the Republic of Costa Rica jungle. 

Why did you lot come upward dorsum to San Diego together with thus piece of work at Surfy Surfy?  

I came dorsum to San Diego because I missed my identify unit of measurement together with my domicile town. I had a lot of ambition together with wanted to cook my career, together with at that topographic point is alone thus much you lot tin displace practice from the middle of the jungle inward a tertiary public country. Surfy Surfy was opening inward May of 2010, correct afterward I had moved domicile inward March. Since I  had experience every bit a store managing director together with buyer inward Costa Rica, it was a natural fit. Surfy Surfy is a jewel of a store that takes pride inward selling locally-made products. The boards they ship are shaped past times local craftsmen together with glassed at Moonlight Glassing are some of the best inward California.

Surfy Summer inward Seea from The Seea on Vimeo.

In what ways did you lot run across women’s surfing needs together with desires dissimilar from virile mortal customers spell working at Surfy Surfy? 

Surfing is a petty chip dissimilar for everyone, human being or woman. It's similar a trip the low-cal fantastic toe flooring inward that way, you lot accept your personality out there. Everyone experiences surfing inward his or her ain way.

One of the principal differences betwixt men inward women every bit it pertains to their needs inward surf gear is that women work the agency they clothing to limited themselves to a greater extent than than men practice (generally speaking) whereas men are looking purely for business office together with simplicity. Women wishing much more. Something that is uncomplicated together with functional volition go tossed aside past times a adult woman if they don't experience slap-up spell they are wearing it. Oftentimes women are choosing fashion over business office inward the H2O together with finding themselves indecently exposed at inopportune times. Yet they volition select to endure amongst this embarrassment earlier putting on an unflattering, albeit functional piece.

Summer inward the master Hermosa at Oceanside Harbor.

What are your most-worn Seea suits together with why practice you lot similar surfing inward them?

The Hermosa is my most worn suit. I dear that it is feminine together with sexy inward a rattling classy way. That arrange volition concord upward to the harshest wipeouts together with keeps my dorsum together with shoulders from frying inward the sun. I receive got had the most lovely compliments from people spell wearing those suits. One of the best was when a guy told me it looked similar a cross betwixt a bathing arrange together with a classy cocktail dress. Thank you!

Where are your favorite domicile intermission spots to surf together with why?

Swami’s is direct westward of my describe solid together with I receive got ever truly appreciated that wave, it simply has slap-up shape. I also similar Beacons, Ponto together with Oceanside Harbor.

Summer surfing at i of the insane lefts inward Bali. 

Before you lot came to piece of work for Seea, you lot were at the International Surfing Association. What did the ISA do, together with what did you lot similar nigh working for that organization? 

The ISA is the International Federation for the sport of surfing. Their members are the National Surfing Federations from countries simply about the world.  The ISA does thus much slap-up piece of work for the evolution of the sport of surfing simply about the world.

I would tell that the most fulfilling parts of my task were developing relationships amongst surfers from every far corner of the Earth together with hearing their stories. Most recently, I was working amongst a lot of the West-African Countries together with fifty-fifty a grouping of surfers from Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan to run across the positive acquit on that surfing has on the lives of people from countries that receive got experienced a lot of political conflict together with war. It's radical together with rattling positive.

The ISA also has a scholarship programme for surfers nether 18-years-old. Each twelvemonth they give $1,000 scholarship awards to 50 immature surfers who evidence to go working difficult inward schoolhouse together with receive got fiscal limitations. I managed the processing of applications together with it would convey tears to my eyes to run across the photos together with read the essays of these spirited immature kids who simply LOVE surfing — kids surfing inward the frigid waters of Chile, orphans from South Africa who picked upward a board together with it made their public cook sense, a Muslim daughter from Republic of Indonesia who was told she shouldn't surf. Girls inward a bikini are considered to go immodest together with the tan that comes along amongst it is non desirable inward their culture.

Summer's dad amongst his boat together with buggy inward Mexico.

What practice you lot detect are the mutual values together with philosophies when working amongst boyfriend surfers?

I intend at that topographic point are sure commonalities betwixt almost all surfers. Ultimately I intend nosotros all surf because nosotros relish it immensely. I in i lawsuit watched this truly slap-up documentary called "Happy" together with neuroscientists explained that the encephalon is stimulated to publish dopamine for dissimilar reasons, i affair that the encephalon likes is physical activity, the encephalon also loves novel situations or novelty, together with beingness inward nature is a large i every bit well.

I intend surfing stimulates the encephalon inward a multifaceted way. We larn this immersion inward nature, a meditative province of beingness completely inward the introduce moment, together with our brains are stimulated past times this liquid, ever-shifiting environment. I'm convinced that it stimulates our brains to publish a skilful amount of dopamine. The same scientists explicate that these dopamine centers of the encephalon are similar a musculus inward that, using it makes it stronger together with to a greater extent than active.  I intend all surfers identify inherent value on the agency surfing positively impacts our lives.

Summer's quiver every bit of belatedly 2012. "I similar riding boards shaped past times my friends together with glassed at Moonlight Glassing." Longboards together with the fish past times Rich Pavel, Mandala quad, Travis Harder shaped tri-plane hull, Dennis Kane fish, Christine Brailsford wood handplane, together with a Seea Hermosa suit.

Welcome to the identify unit of measurement Summer!

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We dear you lot Summer!