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Vans 10 Seea launch political party at Thalia Surf Shop

From left, Elizabeth Root, Amanda Chinchelli, Mele Saili, as well as Esther Bent at the Vans 10 Seea liberate political party at Thalia Surf Shop.

We are bursting amongst gratitude to all of our friends who came past times to celebrate the Vans 10 Seea footwear collaboration launch at Thalia Surf Shop terminal Thursday! It was similar a reunion beingness surprised past times many familiar faces, as well as come across novel friends attracted past times the delicious odour of tacos as well as lively crowd exterior of the store during Laguna Beach fine art walk night. 

Thanks to everyone who came past times to cheque it out. Here's a peek at the political party as well as don't miss out on getting your couplet of express edition Vans 10 Seea shoes at Thalia earlier they sell out! 

The scene exterior of Thalia Surf Shop. 
Stoked on this amazing wall display!
Close-up of the Vans 10 Seea display. All customers who purchased a couplet at the result received a moleskin notebook as well as sail tote bag. 
A happy client amongst a novel couplet of Vans 10 Seea shoes inwards her tote. 
Couples shopping at its best. Thalia is a ane halt store for girls as well as guys beach lifestyle.
Esther Bent, Karina Rozunko, Mele Saili as well as Luki O'Keefe.
Tacos served upward all nighttime long. Photo courtesy of Vans Surf.
The floors were amount of Vans X Seea Solana as well as Mohican shoes each worn their ain way. 
Don't forget to store Thalia Surf Shop to nab your couplet of express edition Vans 10 Seea shoes earlier they sell out!