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Stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello's Guide to Wearing Seea from the Surf to Sidewalk

Elisabetta inwards the master copy Swami's suit.
Our longtime friend from Italy, stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello has the best of both worlds. When she’s non wearing vehement shoes, coming together designers backstage during fashion calendar week inwards Milan as well as styling fashion editorials for RedmilkVanity Fair and Elle magazine’s Italian editions, you’ll discovery her barefoot at a beach somewhere for weeks at a fourth dimension living the simplest existence: surf, eat, sleep.

“Surfing saved my hear from the contest of the fashion system, from beingness obsessed amongst clothes, materialism as well as power. Surfing is my cleanliness as well as integrity. It’s similar rehab for my mind,” says Elisabetta of discovering surfing for the showtime fourth dimension during her ascension fashion career.

From left, Lola Mignot, Luki O'Keefe, Amanda Chinchelli, Elisabetta Dal Bello, Jenayl Peters as well as Mele Saili inwards United Mexican U.S. of A. for the 2014 photoshoot. Photographed past times Nick LaVecchia. 

We honey Elisabetta's whip smart sense of humour — you lot may think her bright quotes from the Ritratti Di Surf “Girls, Girls, Girls” video past times Onde Nostre — as well as she too lent her styling talents for our 2014 lookbook shot on place inwards Mexico.

As summertime draws nearer, nosotros called her upward to teach her skilful advice on making the nearly of precious luggage infinite past times stretching your Seea wardrobe from the surf to the sidewalk.

Behind the scenes on around of the shoots that Elisabetta Dal Bello has styled. 

Elisabetta's guide to wearing Seea from the surf to the street

Inside her styling bags: "I accept my vogue that is real personal, exactly commonly the accessories as well as wearing clothing that I pack depend on the story. For example, if I take away to brand a color story, I volition convey all colored stuff. If I take away to brand a retro storey I volition convey things of that period. I commonly ever convey amongst me a couplet of hats. They straightaway laissez passer the correct mental attitude to whatever model. But, there’s ever a slice or a pair of shoes that are completely out of the bluish from the storey because I similar the stance of the unexpected inwards my aesthetic."

Her kit is never missing: "Safety pins! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 goodness stylist couldn’t piece of job out without them. Safety pins are the stylist best friend! They could cut back a shirt or pants to 2 sizes as well as erase whatever unaesthetic wrinkles from whatever clothes."

Her advice for girls choosing a swimsuit: "Feel goodness as well as confident amongst the vogue you lot are looking for. For example, I’m the variety of daughter who looks goodness inwards ‘70’s style. I could never wearable a ‘50’s skirt or a pin-up daughter bustier because I know it does non correspond my style. The nearly of import affair is to discovery something that represents our personal vogue the best. The hole-and-corner is to valorize the ameliorate side of us. If you lot accept super long legs, or a tiny waist or a goodness pare color, ever direct something that feels you lot similar showing off your best!"

Left, Amanda as well as Elisabetta wearing the Bolinas amongst denim shorts. Right, Elisabetta inwards high fashion mode. 

Her fashion advice for a surf trip: "Try to pack your vogue inwards a minor space. That agency convey your favorite minor pieces—better if you lot tin role them every bit layers similar a crop top, your favorite t-shirt as well as mayhap a lite cashmere sweater. Seea pieces are the perfect fit to the stance of layers. Mix a Seea detail worn inwards the morn for a surf session as well as wearable the same detail at nighttime summation a overnice silk blouse. It’s the best solution inwards a tiny space!"

1. Pack a light cashmere sweater volition protect you lot from the AC on the airplane. "A hat, Swami's ane slice as well as a knit sweater is the perfect aspect to warm yourself afterward sunset session, as well as why non for an aperitif on the beach?"

Wear a chunky oversized sweater on superlative of the Swami’s to this surf conform from daytime to chilly dusk.  

2.  Add a skirt or structured men's pants to the Riviera one-piece as well as it becomes a glamorous bustier. "I similar the color mix of the [Chloe pants]. The form of the pants is masculine, tailored cut, the terminal aspect is slowly exactly real elegant. You could wearable it for a cocktail political party past times the pool."

Go long or short. The Riviera looks fantastic under a fun fitted skirt or liberate pants (like these past times Chloe).  Add a clutch as well as you're ready to go. 

3. "Silk shorts as well as the Hermosa brand a romantic aspect inwards an all pastels palette."
Balance the proportions of the trunk witting Hermosa on top, amongst liberate fluttery shorts on the bottom. 

4. "Cropped tops looks groovy amongst a long skirt. The 2 shapes looks groovy together for the contrast of a mini slice mix amongst something long as well as feminine."
Keep the midriff-baring Palomar crop superlative rashguard classy past times wearing it amongst an elegant maxi skirt. On the right, Mele shows us how its done.

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