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Graphic Artist & Seeababe Ashley Johnston's Lucky to Live inwards Hawaii Life

Ashley Johnston wearing the Riviera inward the #MySeeaLife winning photo. Photo by Bryce Johnson.
“It’s super position dorsum together with casual, everything you lot could dream of when you lot intend of the stereotypical ‘Hawaii,’” says Kauai-born together with raised Ashley Johnston of her idyllic isle home. Ashley’s dearest for Hawaii bursts from her graphic blueprint portfolio — mitt illustrated shells, moving ridge lines together with beach zen words — together with inward her glowing grin equally she plays inward her native habitat of lush jungle together with warm seas.

We discovered Ashley through the #MySeeaLife challenger together with were captivated past times her stunning photograph that ended upwardly beingness 1 of the winners. We were flattered together with ecstatic alongside her initiative of all Seea adjust experience inward the Riviera that she picked upwardly at Aloha Exchange boutique on Kauai, where she is also a buyer together with graphic designer. “I establish out most Seea through a friend who knew the Seeababes inward San Diego. The Riviera one-piece seriously changed my surfing life!" she says. "I barbarous inward dearest alongside the functionality of it, together with ended upwardly getting to a greater extent than girls on to the trend. It was our best-selling Seea adjust at Aloha Exchange to date.”

Ashley inward her happy identify wearing the Palomar inward Tea Leaf together with Capitola bottom. Photo past times Bryce Johnson.

Being the youngest of 8 kids together with the entirely surfer of the family, Ashley shared alongside us her life growing upwardly on the “garden island” together with her electrical current multi-tasking jobs juggling graphic blueprint projects, Aloha Exchange surf store duties together with her ain build Lucky We Live Hawaii. We caught upwardly alongside Ashley, our newest Seeababe to acquire the scoop on surfing inward Kauai together with how she turned her dream of making graphic blueprint fine art into her livelihood.

Ashley together with friends acquire for a hike inward Hawaii. Photo past times Nate Smith.
Kauai rains to a greater extent than than the other islands, making it the most light-green together with rainbow abundant! Photo past times Nate Smith.

We hear that each Hawaiian isle has its ain personality. Why practice you lot dearest Kauai?

Kauai is past times far 1 of the most beautiful islands inward the state, without a doubt. It’s known equally the "Garden Island" for its lush landscapes together with scenery. It has a real modest town feel. There are no large metropolis scrapers or hugely developed areas. It’s exactly a elementary together with carefree lifestyle. We guide hold a lot of outdoor activities similar surfing, fishing, diving, hiking, to shout out a few.

Party wave, Hawaii style. Photo past times Brooke Dombroski.
Ashley inward betwixt sets. Photo past times Bryce Johnson.

What is the girls surfing community similar on Kauai?

The surf community out hither is in all probability a lot similar anywhere else inward that you lot know all the locals together with regulars. It’s overnice when you lot tin sack acquire to your favorite breaks together with know everyone out inward the water. As far equally the daughter surf community, nosotros guide hold a lot of talented surfer girls on the isle together with many of them are some of the best on tour correct now! Some ladies that come upwardly to hear are pro surfers similar Malia Manuel, Bethany Hamilton, together with Alana Blanchard. I meet them exactly about together with its ever fun when you lot acquire to surf alongside them inward the H2O too.

Hawaii version of underwater aerobics. 

What are the elevation places together with activities that you lot bring people to practice when they come upwardly to view Kauai?

I would say sure either taking a helicopter ride or doing a boat tour of the Napali Coast. Napali is past times far 1 of Kauai's best gems! Some other favorites of mine are Polihale Beach on the West Side together with also Hanalei on the North Shore.

Ashley inward Hanalei Bay, 1 of the most famous landmarks on the North shore of Kauai. Photo past times Bryce Johnson.
Seriously. The gifts the garden isle gives are exactly beautiful.
When did you lot larn how to surf together with why is it such an of import portion of your life?

I started learning to surf when I was most thirteen or so. My best friend together with I were given some boards from our older youth grouping friends together with got hooked on the sport. We were the typical surf groms that would acquire dropped off at the beach together with would surf all 24-hour interval long during the summers.

Ashley wearing a Lucky We Live Hawaii shirt. Photo past times Bryce Johnson.

How did you lot acquire into graphic design?

Growing upwardly I ever knew I was to a greater extent than attracted to careers inward the creative field. Out of high school, I had no persuasion what I wanted to do, but ended upwardly moving to San Diego because I knew it had the requirements I wanted: adept weather condition together with surf. I got truly into photography spell beingness inward San Diego together with started making these layouts on my calculator of my photos alongside typography. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 friend of mine suggested I advert graphic design, since the artworks I was creating were basically a cast of design. I looked into the fine art programme over at Point Loma Nazarene University. It was my dream schoolhouse because of the campus overlooks the body of body of water together with in that location was a surf spot correct in that location on Sunset Cliffs. I got accepted into the schoolhouse together with from in that location began my initiative of all fine art classes. I never took whatsoever fine art courses previously to beingness an fine art student, but I barbarous inward dearest alongside procedure of design.

Some of the Lucky We Live Hawaii totes featuring Ashley's graphic designs. Each shape signifies a dissimilar Hawaiian isle together with inside, the names of its famous spots. 

What kinds of projects guide hold you lot done?

As a designer, I’ve had the privileged alongside working alongside some awesome companies together with local describe concern hither inward Hawaii. I've done a lot of branding, logo work, clothes design, posters, together with packaging to shout out a few. One of my favorite things to blueprint is the artwork for have on together with apparel. It’s ever a lot of fun to guide hold creative freedom. To meet my piece of work printed alongside people truly wearing it is the best feeling!

Ashley inward business office mode. 
Ashley's piece of work for the have on build Otaheite Hawaii. She designed the describe concern cards together with illustrated the signature sea urchin impress that is featured on Otaheite's dresses together with tops. 

What is Lucky We Live Hawaii?

Lucky We Live Hawaii is my creative outlet together with novel describe concern venture. I exactly launched it equally an official build together with companionship inward 2014 together with I couldn't survive happier! The humble beginnings of Lucky We Live Hawaii all started at the terminate of 2011, when I exactly moved dorsum dwelling to Kauai afterwards beingness inward San Diego for a distich years. I wanted to endeavor together with acquire my shout out out in that location inward industry, together with so I decided a adept agency to practice that was past times creating artwork — typography posters together with beach totes — to identify inward local boutiques.

I started printing the artwork for Lucky We Live Hawaii on trucker hats together with clothing. It sort of blew upwardly together with became 1 of the primary graphics behind my artwork together with name. In my hear it was exactly fun agency to acquire my shout out out there, but I didn’t realize I was truly creating something bigger than I could guide hold imagined. Now I guide hold exactly most xx retailers hither inward Hawaii together with to a greater extent than production that exactly keeps edifice up! Since it was doing together with so well, I wanted to guide hold some separation betwixt my blueprint portfolio from my production store items, together with so it was than I decided to practice all my products nether the brand, Lucky We Live Hawaii.

Hand lettering past times Ashley on a T-shirt for Aloha Exchange. 

How has surfing shaped who you lot are together with your work?

My artwork tends to guide hold a fun, beachy, bright, together with whimsical character to it. Some dream projects would survive to practice some fun textiles to survive made for my ain have on describe or to locomote along collaborating alongside rad companies that inspire me within surf civilization together with exterior of surf.

Through surfing I guide hold met some of my closest friends together with its 1 of my all fourth dimension favorite hobbies. After learning to surf, the civilization of it all became a huge influence on who I am. I’ve noticed 1 of my favorite times to surf is at sunset, where the beauty of the body of body of water together with heaven reminds me of how blessed nosotros are. You ever come upwardly out of the H2O happier than you lot did before.

Ashley inward her favorite suit, the Riviera. 
Carving a line.  
Ashley during 1 of her favorite times of 24-hour interval — a sunset session. Photo past times Bryce Johnson.
Thank you lot Ashley for representing Seea inward Kauai alongside such pure enthusiasm, pump together with elegant style! 

Shop Ashley's favorite suits: The Riviera, The Palomar Crop Top together with Capitola!