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Sunshine Stories Guide to Surfing inwards Sri Lanka

Linn Lundgren of Sunshine Stories inwards Sri Lanka.
In betwixt her studies of data architecture inwards Sweden, 23-year-old Linn Lundgren blogs virtually her international wave-hunting adventures alongside her beau Petter on the weblog Sunshine Stories. We dearest next each of her journeys some the public as well as Linn's most recent trip to the beautiful isle of Sri Lanka begged to hold upwards shared. Now inwards an experienced 3rd trip to the isle nigh India, nosotros asked her to give Seea the scoop on the friendly people, the beaches, the nutrient as well as the mellow waves that continue her coming back.

Read on to discovery out Linn's favorite places to surf, sleep, swallow as well as store on the Elephant Island to conception your adjacent trip!

Sri Lanka is an isle off the southern tip of India. 

By Linn Lundgren | Sunshine Stories 

Ceylon, Serendib, the Elephant Island, Sri Lanka—the teardrop-shaped isle inwards the Indian Ocean has many names. After years of civil state of war as well as a seismic sea wave inwards 2004, the province is starting to bloom as well as rising in ane lawsuit again. Come see this paradise isle earlier everyone else does!

The glassy waters of the island. 
Best fourth dimension to travel: I’ve entirely been to the isle some Dec – February. That’s the best flavour for the W as well as southward business office of the island.

Bring from home: Tampons tin nonetheless hold upwards difficult to discovery everywhere. Hair ties are IMPOSSIBLE to discovery as well as the bounding main seems to swallow them for breakfast thence convey many. Bring your ain surfboard because it’s difficult to discovery skillful rental boards except for NSP’s missing ane or 2 fins.

Don’t piece of job out the isle without: Tea, this is the isle of teas, Barefoot’s notebooks, textiles, “Samahan” an Ayurvedic medicine for a cold/flu.

Taking a stroll through town. 

Where to balance your head

Sun-Beach-Surf inwards Hikkaduwa: Right inwards front end of the reef/beach break. I dearest their breakfasts. Rooms are build clean as well as minimalistic.

Ebb & Flow Jungalows inwards Midigama: Two villas suited for 2 couples or a family. Your ain piddling paradise alongside kitchen, pool, views over the surf as well as your ain stuff.

Palm Villa inwards Mirissa: Best location inwards Mirissa that overlooks a cute isle as well as has the best staff as well as nutrient inwards town.

Cheaper alternatives: The ones I listed inwards a higher identify are inwards the higher toll range. On Sri Lanka yous tin discovery super inexpensive accommodations but they’re quite difficult to mass from habitation as well as tend to vary inwards standard/cleanliness thence its best to walk some when yous larn in that location as well as depository fiscal establishment tally it out it inwards person.

Palm trees draw Hikkaduwa beach.
Girls session! 


Waves intermission all along the coast. You tin discovery your ain piddling superlative as well as chances are it doesn't fifty-fifty select a elevate yet. Jump inwards the H2O early on earlier the current of air as well as the other people wake up.

Hikkaduwa: The A-frame tin concord upwards inwards big peachy as well as there’s too a mellower reef/beach break.

Midigama: This long, slow, lazy left is perfect for longboards. Ram’s is a tubing moving ridge to a greater extent than suitable for brusk boards.

Weligama: This is the mellowest beach intermission some as well as perfect for beginners.

Mirissa: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 long correct made for noseriding, addition inwards a beautiful setting.

Linn has fun on her Bing surfboard.

Where to Eat

Local: Typical Sri Lankan nutrient similar rice as well as curry, roti, brusk eats, string hoppers as well as dhaals gustation best inwards the street. At the local vendors yous tin swallow a dinner for $1 to $2 dollars.

Wijayja Beach eating theater inwards Thalpe: When rice as well as curry is coming from your ears as well as you’re inwards the mood for grilled lobsters, champagne as well as pizza, Wijaya is the place.

Traditional dhaal foods as well as fresh fruits abound.


In the small-scale tourist towns of Hikkaduwa as well as Mirissa you’ll discovery the typical batik as well as leather goods. For to a greater extent than exclusive as well as unique shopping depository fiscal establishment tally out Galle. Your commencement halt should hold upwards The Old Railway simply behind the charabanc station inwards Galle. Hand-tailored clothes, bags as well as pouches from Catherine as well as too a cafĂ© alongside the best mango lassi I know. In Galle Fort you’ll discovery enough of prissy small-scale boutiques. Don’t miss Barefoot founded past times Italian Barbara Sansoni to give the local women an business making fantastic handwoven fabrics, notebooks, beach wraps inwards silk/cotton mix as well as traditional sarongs.

Local shopping for souvenirs. 
Linn meets a local in Midigama

See & Do betwixt surf sessions

Go to UdaWalawe National Park as well as you’ll discovery out why it’s called Elephant Island. If you’re lucky on the safari to Yala, yous powerfulness spot leopard. There’s whale watching from Mirissa Harbour or jump inwards as well as swim alongside mega turtles inwards Hikkaduwa. Climb Adam’s Peak to lookout adult man the sunrise. It's thence worth the 5000+ steps up. Take the magnificent prepare ride from/to Ella upwards inwards the loma countries. Drink tea, see temples as well as thence larn dorsum to the coast to surf lady waves.

That's why its called Elephant Island!

To read more, depository fiscal establishment tally out Linn's weblog Sunshine Stories