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Seea right away at Urban Outfitters' Without Walls inwards Costa Mesa

Shop Seea in addition to everything else yous involve for an outdoor risk at Urban Outfitters' Without Walls. 
Meet your novel one-stop store for crazy running leggings, coastal camping ground gear in addition to Seea surf suits. Urban Outfitters’ debuted its “get moving, cause got fun” Without Walls concept inwards Costa Mesa final weekend in addition to Seea was stoked to travel apart of it amongst creative-thinking brands similar Patagonia, Poler, Mowgli Surf, Yokishop, Onzie yogawear in addition to more.

From the Brazilian jungles to the lady longboard stylings at San Onofre, tour the places that shaped Seea on the Without Walls blog. 

The get-go effect this yesteryear Sabbatum at The Lab anti-mall inwards Costa Mesa was a nonstop fun fest— nosotros tie-dyed a shirt with the twins behind Mowgli Surf, noshed on tacos yesteryear Lime Truck, watched Ty Williams paint, shopped for seriously fashionable summertime camping ground gear in addition to only soaked inwards the Sun with friends over a fresh juice (and mayhap a beer from Saint Archer's brewery too).

Scroll on to larn a virtual tour of the event's happenings in addition to travel certain to cheque out Without Walls inwards Urban Outfitters side yesteryear side fourth dimension you're inwards the Costa Mesa. Never fearfulness our non-SoCal friends, its also inwards Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Francisco, New York in addition to online.

The business for Mowgli Surf's tie-dye prototype session never slowed.  
Close-up of the DIYing. Guests took the moisture lump of T-shirt inwards a ziplock pocketbook in addition to were instructed to rinse it out inwards 24 hours. It's a surprise to come across how it turns out. 
Artist Ty Williams painted all twenty-four hr menstruum inwards the hot sun. 
Take a nap yesteryear i of the yarn-bombed trees inwards The Lab. 
Enter Without Walls. 
Shop for vinyl, records in addition to tapes within an airstream spell you're at it. 
Seea forepart in addition to center! 
Our real ain Seea table! Shop the Leucadia top in addition to skirted bottom, Monterey top, Palomar crop top, Capitola bottom and Seea 10 Vans moccasins
Find funky yoga gear in addition to workout clothes. 
We'll accept all of this, please. 
Take notes on what to pack for a van route trip. 
Thanks to the Without Walls crew for an awesome fun time!