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Paradise Found: Luki Sails the BVI's

Luki finds a matching accessory.

Get whisked away to the tranquil waters of the British Virgin Islands amongst Seeababe Luki O'Keefe. When nosotros heard that Luki's annual wintertime menage unit of measurement opor-garai was dropping anchor inward the Caribbean, nosotros filled her carry-on amongst roughly of Seea's newest 2014 Collection swimsuits to exam out all of their features patch sailing, diving in addition to exploring. Read on to run into fairytale cave pools in addition to picturesque seas to acquire inspired for your side past times side vacation!

The British Virgin Islands is located inward the Caribbean Area Sea.
My menage unit of measurement ordinarily avoids the coldest parts of wintertime past times taking roughly fourth dimension off at grandpa’s solid on the due north shore of Oahu, but this fourth dimension nosotros decided to pace it upward a notch in addition to fix sheet inward the British Virgin Islands. We flew into Tortola inward December, rented out 2 45-foot sailboats in addition to raced each other from isle to island.

Luki sets sheet inward the Ensanada bikini, coming shortly to stores inward March. 

Each isle has really unique in addition to absolutely stimulating adventures, stories, in addition to province marks. I wasn't certain what to hold off from this trip in addition to thence I packed really minimally. In fact, all I actually needed was my cameras, diving gear, a few comprehend ups, in addition to my favorite novel Seea suits. I packed the Swami's Playsuit, the Cayucos One-Piece the Belmont Romper in addition to the Ensenada Bikini.

Sailboats inward the British Virgin Islands past times Robin Woltman on Flickr.
Panorama of the shoreline inward the British Virgin Islands past times Vin Crosbie on Flickr. 
Megan O'Keefe dives inward opened upward water.

I knew that the Swami's Playsuit would protect me from the harsh Sun but it too protected me from jelly fish in addition to bounding main fleas. I pigeon a shipwreck inward a bikini the get-go 24-hour interval in addition to speedily learned that the Swami's was a ameliorate accommodate to dive in. I wore it on all of our forenoon dives for the balance of the trip in addition to never had roughly other occupation amongst stinging critters.

Protect your shoulders from the Sun inward the Swami's.
After our forenoon dives I would hang my Swami’s to dry out in addition to throw on my Cayucos in addition to a couple of my favorite Levi's shorts or a Sun dress, hop inward the muddied in addition to caput over to whatever isle nosotros were anchored at for the day. 

My cousin Megan in addition to I wore the Cayucos to our favorite sites including the baths, an absolutely stunning pile of massive boulders that convey fallen into talocrural articulation to waist deep crystal clear H2O to practice gorgeous fairytale-like pathways for us to walk through. The gaps betwixt the boulders permit inward only plenty sunshine to brand the turquoise H2O glow. It was a formidable house amongst an release energy that I volition never forget. The Cayucos is snug in addition to covers plenty to experience appropriate but leaves the dorsum in addition to shoulders opened upward for the sunshine. It’s genuinely a curve-hugging, stress-free suit.

Megan wears the Cayucos inward Magenta, inward the waters close Virgin Gorda
Playground for the day.
Fairytale baths.

What ameliorate house to convey a peaceful minute than here?

When people move to tropical places they automatically assume that they tin post away become anywhere inward their tiny bikinis. But inward the British Virgin Islands it’s non respectful to article of apparel bikinis inward town or inward the beachside bar huts. The Belmont Romper helped me fit correct in. Its tight plenty to exhibit that I am a adult woman in addition to loose plenty to exhibit that I am a lady. The cross dorsum in addition to loose fit kept me cool in addition to the built inward undershorts made me experience condom to swim, hike, surf, climb, in addition to dive inward them without worrying nigh anything.

From solid ground, to swaying sailboat in addition to into the blue.
Luki says relax.

I brought the Ensenada bikini amongst me everywhere! It was slowly to pack, fast-drying in addition to reversible! I e'er kept it on mitt for the spontaneous, midnight sis swims in addition to those sunshine-hammock-piƱa colada moments. Its my set out ane favorite bikini to pack because its light, soft, snug, it never irritates my peel in addition to every bit shortly every bit I acquire bored of it I tin post away plough it within out for a novel color! Every daughter needs a bikini similar that.

A stunning sunset.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 huge give thank y'all you to Seea for keeping me comfortable in addition to classy on all of my adventures!