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Mele Saili fine art demonstrate at Shaper Studios

Mele Saili fine art exhibit at Shaper Studios

The guys are Shaper Studios inwards San Diego convey never failed at throwing a corking political party as well as this past times Sabbatum was some other bulls oculus every moment the store headquarters filled upwards amongst friends supporting Seeababe Mele Saili’s fine art show.

Art past times Mele Saili on the walls at Shaper Studios

Ladies flowed inwards as well as out throughout the solar daytime as well as each moving ridge of Seea sample sale shoppers made for a fun unofficial fashion show. Next, Christine Brailsford got within the shaping room similar a fish tank as well as sanded downward 1 of the real get-go Seea surfboard collaborations. Eager daughter shapers to-be asked Christine questions about the completed Seea surfboard on display that features Mele's painting under a stunning seafoam light-green glassing. We promise it inspired them to come upwards dorsum to teach their get-go lesson to sort their ain board at Shaper Studios!

Christine sands 1 of the get-go Seea surfboards at Shaper Studios.
A few final remaining styles as well as some novel ones at the Seea sample sale.
The upstairs of Shaper Studios where the finished boards expect glassing. 
Seea display at Shaper Studios.

Continuing on into the flush hours the wooden walls got packed to the brim as well as inevitably turned into a trip the lite fantastic political party amongst Manuel Caro on the turntables. By the terminate of the night, Mele sold out of every painting. Big cheers to everyone who came out to back upwards as well as to Shaper Studios for hosting!

Paintings as well as drawings past times Mele Saili.
Painting past times Mele Saili. 
Painting past times Mele Saili. 

Mele meets stoked fine art patrons. 
Left, getting a DJ lesson from Manuel Caro. Right, Jenayl Peters as well as Mele Saili. 
From left, Christine Brailsford of Furrow Surfboards, Mele Saili. Amanda Chinchelli as well as Florencia Gomez Gerbi of Green Pacha hats. Surfboard shaped past times Christine Brailsford featuring fine art past times Mele Saili.